Exciting PS3/PS Vita Cross-Play Ideas

Gaming Enthusiast:

We run through some of our favorite ideas that would make for some great connectivity use. Who said the Wii U should have all the fun?

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GamingPerson2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I want more pc/ps3 games. Playstation to mini playstation is not the most exciting to me..

Cross platform within sonys control.

ThePsychoGamer2231d ago

if it is true what Sony said, and the Vita and the PS3 can do what the WiiU can do, that will really hurt third party support for the WiiU.

dorron2231d ago

The only exciting idea would be to actually release PS3/Vita cross purchase games...If not, I can't see many people buying the same game twice.

Tapioca Cold2231d ago

Get off the pipe, dude. Why does everyone want to complicate everything? Just give me good games for my Vita and some cross-play options. Don't listen to this immature journalist yapping about things he has generalized that "everyone" would want.

Half of the morons out there still want that stupid scene from Minority Report. I can still recall all the losers saying how they will be flash their hands about controlling their dashboards with their hands.

Leave good things alone please. Think reasonable.