Wii U's Lack of Power: System's Bane?

We've heard numerous conflicting reports regarding Wii U's processing power, and the common theme has been that the system is just as powerful – or a little less powerful – than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. No matter how nifty the system's tablet controller is, its lack of graphical output can easily be the system's bane.

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Emilio_Estevez2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

“We're aiming very high right now [with Unreal 4], and the intended platforms this is aimed at haven't even been announced,” - The WiiU has been announced, so doesn't that mean it's not running on it? - The rumor stating it was running on WiiU was a random forum post citing super duper reliable sources, didn't seem credible to me. It's def in both of their best interests to have UE4 running on it though.

@Poprocks - I would have to agree, speculating on conflicting reports about a product without final specs is kind of silly. Could be pointless depending on how things fall.

Everything with the WiiU seems to be back and forth, one says this, another says the opposite. Speculating should stop until the specs are actually announced.

PopRocks3592145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

The context of the statement is too vague to determine what the truth is because it can mean two thins; 1. it means that no console that will be running UE4 has been announced or 2. the Epic has yet to announce what console will run UE4. You would have to ask Epic to clarify the statement before forming a conclusion.

It's also contradictory to previous statements and rumors suggesting that UE4 can/will be on Wii U.

Shok2145d ago

What PopRocks said, it's just misinterpretation. He was saying that Epic hasn't announced which platforms the UE4 will be support, not that the Wii U won't be supporting it because it has actually been announced.

ATi_Elite2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

No need to speculate!

The WiiU will have some kind of mid/high level AMD HD4000 series GPU variant inside it. HD4000 series can get you DX10 graphics at 1080p NO PROBLEM!!!

That's easily more power than 360/pS3

As far as 720/PS4, I'm thinking they both will have a low End HD6000 GPU to pump out DX11 graphics thus making them more powerful than the WiiU but having DX11 instead of DX10!

But if Devs program for the weaker system like they always do then you won't see a big difference in games when comparing Wiiu/ps4/720 on multi-plats.

It will take the Exclusives to really stand out and with Nintendo's artwork they can make some very impressive games on a HD4000 GPU. Also rumors of Nintendo stepping up to a HD5000 GPU to garner DX11. This would be better but who knows.

But to sit here and say the WiiU is on par or weaker than 360/PS3 is STUPID. Like i said that HD4000 series GPU will get you 1080p EASY!! 360/PS3 are incapable of 1080p on AAA games.

Hopefully E3 settles this issue cause the WiiU is set to launch in 6 months.

PopRocks3592145d ago

Why bother speculating something that probably isn't even true? Some developers have said that it's on par, others have said it's pretty powerful (Gearbox for example said that it has a lot of RAM). One anonymous source on the day after April Fools said it was weaker, so I don't trust that statement for an instant.

With this in mind we can infer that that the console would be either on par or more powerful. I'm leaning toward the latter and here's why;

The Zelda tech demo showed what the Wii U can do in real time, playing a very pretty looking Zelda game at a steady frame rate. It was able to play the game on the controller and the TV in real time, at the same time with no lag. The demo itself is quite beautiful; I'd argue that it looked better than most 360 games.

So with this in mind, if it can do the same thing and play off the TV and controller screen with at the same time with any of its 360/PS3 ports, then one would have to reckon that it's actually quite powerful, at least more so than its last-gen competition.

Lucretia2145d ago

this will happen till E3, then the wrong ones will feel stupid. Hopefully its more powerful, but im having my doubts, I hope im the stupid one

StanSmith2145d ago

Problem is though, the stupid ones will resort back to the casual games argument, followed by online sucks, followed by make some new i.p.'s Nintendo.

Nintendo can't win. People complained when they went casual and they're still complaining despite Nintendo giving them what they want.

Hicken2145d ago

They won't feel stupid. They'll treat it like they knew it was powerful enough all along, and in the meanwhile, they'll find something else to complain about.

jacen1002145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Let me refresh your memory with some comments from credible devs.

THQ: “WiiU is just a lot more powerful than current HD consoles it does 1080p very easy.”
Epic: “It will do things current HD consoles simply can't do, it's going to be a powerful box.”
Crytek: “WiiU devkits are very powerful,the specs are very good”
Vigil Games: “We had the game at the same level as high end pc version in a matter of days and a few lines of code got the game up and running on tablet in 5 mins.”
EA: “Wii U is not a transitional platform, it is a true next generation system.”

Jirachi2145d ago

Exactly i'll take devolopers actually saying things in public where they can be held under judgement if there lying over devs who hid in the shadows,i would take this stance no matter what the devs said.

The people who are taking the opposite stance only are doing so because it casts wii u in a negetive light,they would agree anonymus sources aren't realible if they were saying postive things instead.

Nutsack2145d ago

Devs that all want to sell their games... Its called marketing. They need to resell their engines to get used for games on the WiiUrine. Epic sells its Unreal 3 engine once more, Crytek sells their engine too. This doesn't mean a lot.

I've seen devs saying that the PS3 port would look on par or even better than the 360 version. And every time was a disappointment again.

If it has 1GB of ram, nice, some room to play with. But the WiiUrine will probably just be on par with 360/PS3 in overal power. Nintendo don't want a really expensive device, they want to be around PS3's and 360's pricelevel, not 200 above.

Shok2145d ago

You're just reaching, hard. After the Wii, I don't think EPIC and CRYTEK of all people would be willing to essentially lie so willingly for a Nintendo console.

Not to mention, Crytek praised it's specs and yet they're not even developing a game for the Wii U, so that alone kinda disproves your first statement.

StanSmith2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

So using your logic then Nutsack,

People love Uncharted, Gears of War, Killzone, God of War etc because of marketing and not because they are all great looking games that have great gameplay too.

Seriously, GTFO!

Nutsack2144d ago

@ Shok

Eh no not reaching too hard. With the Wii, Epic and Crytek had no reason to do a lot of effort. They didn't have to sell their main engine once more and cash in on it.

With WiiUrine, that'll run like a 360, their engines are easily ported, they can cash in massively if 3rd party start using that old engine once more. They want to earn monies, they don't care if they need to blabla positive a bit for another Nintendo console.

Exactly, Crytek won't make any game for it, as they aren't sure about the console. How much more easy is it to sell your already existing old engine to port it to WiiUrine and sell it to all 3rd party that'll make their games on it?

@ Marioftw

Seeing your username Wiiboy, its not weird you're in defense mode.

One difference, the games you name aka Uncharted, Gears, GOW, are proven quality games that are released already on proven quality consoles. People are playing these and can confirm they're bomb. Then you go off comparing it to a future console aka WiiUrine with a gimmick controller (that has just one touch not multitouch weak support) and non released games from a company that Nintendo is, that since long time only cared for their own 1st party IP's, have no clue how to master a well done online integrated network, use old tech over and over again (not even the Wii alone, remember the DS underpowered, even the 3DS is sooooooo underpowered old hardware compared to the PSVita).

By your Wiiboy logic, everything is fine that Nintendo releases!

StanSmith2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )


I like Mario games, hence the name, but i own an Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. Most of my gaming is spent on PS3/360. So your petty childish names mean nothing to me and anyone else. They're not cleverly thought up and they're not even funny.

As for "proven quality games", are you really going to try to make claims that the likes of Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart and Donkey Kong are not proven quality games? Nintendo's franchises are the most highly reviewed and oldest to date. Nintendo exclusives ooze quality.

Nintendo went for old Hardware ONCE! That was with the Wii. Also, how is the 3ds using old hardware? It has a glasses free 3D screen. Not even TVs had that when it released.

The Gamecube and N64 also had more power then the PS1 and PS2. Thus disproving your stupid statements that Nintendo only use weak hardware.

Nintendo sucks so much that Sony/MS rushed to jump on the Motion Control bandwagon when Nintendo outsold them.

Seriously, it's like you're 8 years old and only started gaming this Gen. Every comment you make is pure rubbish!

Nutsack2144d ago

Lol, started gaming this gen? False, thats maybe you though. I've been around since the first consoles. Heck I even own the watch&play first handheld games of Nintendo. Life Boat, Popeye, Donkey Kong you name them. This gen I own 360, PS3, Wii, PSVita.

Proven quality games RELEASED for the system we're talking about. READ DUDE READ. The WiiUrine ain't released, nor its games. Not claiming anything about Nin's 1st party games released in the past, as they are good games. Hence, mostly they are the ONLY good games on the Wii, 3rd party didn't have quality much really. Although Nin doesn't bring much new stuff to the table. Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, I played those 15 to 20 years ago too...

"Nintendo went for old Hardware ONCE! That was with the Wii."

EH? When the NES released it wasn't top notch hardware either. SNES en N64 were powerful. Gamecube? It wasn't more powerful than the XBOX 1 for example. And did you forget about the Gameboy? That sh!t was sooooooo underpowered. It didn't have colors. It was monochrome kind of screen. You don't know anything about the past, do you? The Atari Lynx (which I own too) had 4096 colors at the same time on the screen. Nintendo sold such underpowered trash. GBA same story, it was old stuff sold again. 3DS lol. You go off on that gimmick thats 3D without glasses? Talking about the CPU/GPU and capabilities what graphics to produce. Its NO WHERE compared to PSVita. That 3D is even gimmick 3D, not real 3D as one can view on 3DTV's. Heck, its even used less and less in games. its just a sales trick. The hardware is underpowered last gen sh!t. And they started to sell at the same price level the PSVita started. Thats crazy.

"Nintendo sucks so much that Sony/MS rushed to jump on the Motion Control bandwagon when Nintendo outsold them."

Nintendo does suck as they said themselves that they can't keep up in being the most powerful console out there. Therefor they went to the casuals and motion gimmick Wiimote thats not precise at all. It isn't weird that MS and Sony want a piece of that cake. Difference is: they already were serving the real gamers with good games and they added that casual stuff. It wasn't their main focus.

The WiiUrine will go the same route as the Wii though. It'll get ports now as the lead version will be 360, same as PS3 got them ports. And then when the PS4/720 are out, devs start to produce on those more powerful consoles once more and make a watered down version for the WiiUrine. Same way the Wii gets watered down 3rd party games now...

So what will improve again with this one touch gimmick controller, like Nintendo added the fake 3D to the DS to sell on a gimmick functionality once more? My comments rubbish? You're just a blind Wiiboy and you don't like truths and facts, thats your problem. Everything above is pure logic, just not through your fanboy goggles. You can say you own all the other consoles as you want, if you look at the past (and again, check out the underpowered stuff nintendo brought since long) and know the market you'd agree with me.

stragomccloud2143d ago

Wow. That kind of anger isn't really healthy. I think you've a bit too jaded, and lost sight of what gaming is first and foremost about. Having fun.

The system isn't even out yet, and you're already using a derogatory term for it. If you really are as old as you claim to be, I would think you would show a little more patience and open mindedness instead up "nerd raging" up the forums. Trolling doesn't encourage good fair minded discussion, which is what we at least ideally would like to do in these forums.

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Chrono2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I think Nintendo said many times that they are not focusing on producing the most powerful system, but they just want to make a proper successor to the Wii.

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