Sony Set to Unveil PS3 Exclusive Until Dawn?

DualShock Nexus: Remember Until Dawn? The PlayStation Move horror title has been rumored for quite some time and it looks like Sony may be preparing to reveal it pretty soon.

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DigitalRaptor1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Yep. At E3 Sony will probably release lots of Move and Vita info. That 'Until Dawn' game has been a long time coming.

TekoIie1989d ago

I don't think they really care about move anymore. I just don't think it's really any good. I only played 1 game where it really showed how motion controls beat a standard controller and that was R.U.S.E.

What do Ps3 only gamers think of Move???

h311rais3r1989d ago

It's good for sword oriented games. The best move game IMO is gladiator in sports champions. If they made a full adventure sword game it would be good

Ultr1989d ago

I played Heavy Rain with the move, it was cool.

I will play this game with the move, looks like a great addition to the gameplay.

However I only played The Fight apart from that, and it was really good.

Sorcery I will buy, but other than that, only kidsgames and partygames (wich my family and sister really enjoy..but yeah for 1h the month :P) wich I do not care for

and in games like Killzone I did not like it that much
Have yet to play it on Infamous 2, heard it's great?

HarryMasonHerpderp1989d ago

Its a great piece of kit.
The tech behind it works brilliant.
Its just not supported with enough core
move games though.Hopefully that will change
with the release of sorcery and until dawn.
I think a few core move games will be announced at E3.

TekoIie1989d ago

Oh yeh I forgot heavy rain. Shame on me lol! It would be nice if they showed lots of support for it after the PS4 but I don't think it has anything that makes it special like the wii (early on this gen) and kinect.

fei-hung1989d ago

I got a bunch of move games that I love:

1) Sports Champions
2) Medievil moves
3) The Shoot
4) Dead Sea Pirates
5) House of the Dead 3
6) House of the Dead Overkill
7) The Fight: Lights Out (best boxing simulator ive played)

If you buy the right games, you will find plenty.

Army_of_Darkness1989d ago

walking around all high n sh*t feeling up trees and statues and other crap with floating hands?! Boring as hell!
I hope this horror game is in 3rd person view with a mix of siren, silent hill and dead space!

SoundGamer1989d ago

I'm not a PS3 only gamer, but these are some games I have really enjoyed the Move with:

Heavy Rain
Killzone 3
echochrome II
PixelJunk 4am
de Blob 2
Sports Champions
inFamous 2/FoB

That's just to name a few. I have used the Move with a lot of other games. It is still supported widely. It's just not forced on gamers. It's usually offered as an alternative control scheme.

There are some games coming out this year too:

More will be announced at E3 and later this year.

It's not a perfect device and I wish it was explored more as there are a lot of possibilities for use but so far we haven't seen too many.

SilentNegotiator1988d ago

I played KZ3 with the move, and did 10x better.

Tapioca Cold1988d ago

Move and motion controls suck. I had Move and it was not 1:1 like everyone is touting.

Sold them and got put proceeds toward a Vita. Much more worth it.

Do not listen to people on forums and reviewers. They're just trying to justify their purchase. Move and Kinect both suck!

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NukaCola1989d ago


I think Move has been untapped and it's sad. There are plenty of good Move games, but it feels separated for the system. A game here and there isn't enough. They should be pulling everything they can to get this product out there and they haven't. I have used Move with a bunch of games and I like it. I don't like that it's not getting the support it needs. I can't wait for Unfinished Swan personally.

Ultr1989d ago

Unfinished swan is gettin move support??? That's pretty great!!

sinncross1988d ago

what about their recent trademarking of 'From Ashes' and 'Cold Hard Cash'???

lots of potential stuff to show

Nostalgia1989d ago

I was like this looks awesome when I saw the thumbnail then I seen it's for move -_-

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )



For when a facepalm is not enough to express the fail. lol :b

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1989d ago

aww don't be sad i was joking :( lol

On a side note: I really want a God of War with Move support. It would be godlike @[email protected] Tie two chains to my Move controllers and swing away with reckless abandon. Breaking EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!!!!!! >:(
Strapping a 3rd Move controller to my arm to control the Golden fleece :b EPIC!!! >_<

Getowned1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

>_> wow dude... I just want a good sword fighting RPG. I think move is perfect for a game like skyrim but controlled ONLY by useing the move, could be really sweet.

vividi1989d ago

more games, more games

Acquiescence1989d ago

That game needs to be revived, with full Move support. That was one awesome looking survival-horror that never should've been cancelled.

gtxgamer21989d ago

i think it is redwood falls, they just bought the franchise and renamed it

Half-Mafia1989d ago

Does anyone know where I can find that trailer from that .GIF

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