40 Hot But Forgotten Female Video Game Characters

There hasn't ever been a shortage of sexy ladies in video games. Either it be a heroine or villainess, the hotness level is usually the same; as far up as it can go.

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zeal0us2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Jill,Zelda,Cortana,Ivy, Sophita and many more shouldn't be on the list. Some of the women on the list are from games that have not too long been out.

Not sure how they are "forgotten", especially Ivy & Sophita since SC5 just came out a few months ago. Maybe the title of the list should be worded better.

Theo11302177d ago

wooo more objectification of women, and we ranked them into a list woooo. You sad sad people.

Tonester9252177d ago

I'm kinda tired of playing these Japanese games and every shot is a boob or ass shot.

Mabye I'm just can't get aroused by computer graphics lol

Same people who watch Hentai should fall on a knife tonight.

SirRidge2177d ago

It really seems like this should have been a top 5 or 10 list.

Too many recognizable characters in here.

InTheLab2177d ago

Why is there no Bullet Witch 2?s