Top 5 Xbox 360 Games of May 2012

From the feature list:

"Narrowing the top five games of May, and putting them in order, was a complete bitch. Deciding between the top spot and the #2 slot was very difficult and anybody whose been following gaming news will know which two titles are there. Plus, there were a few games I had to leave off that I did not want to. If my chronic OCD would have allowed it, I would have made a “Top 7” list, but alas, I am held prisoner by my demons. Oh well, read on for our full list."

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LaurenKB1232176d ago

I don't have enough money for even May, who woulda thought it!

UltimaEnder2176d ago

I have to buy 4 out of the 5, WTF May....

iistuii2176d ago

Ghost Recon & Max Payne for me.

Chuk52175d ago

I just want retro city rampage.

If it gets delayed one more time, I swear all my momentum for it will be gone this time.