Making PlayStation All Stars A Tournament Contender

Prima Games speculates on what it would take to make the upcoming Sony mascot fighter a true contender in the fighting game tournament circuit.

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jthamind2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

those reasons fail, because it has nothing to do with popularity and how many people you introduce the game to. it has to do with whether the game will have a deep, complex, and fun fighting system. games like SSFIV: AE2012 and MvC3 have that. SFxT has mostly the third, but not as much of the first two (plus other problems), and that's why it's dying out in the FGC. a game like KoF13 has a ton of depth and complexity and takes incredible skill, but not as many people are seeing its fun factor yet, but it's slowly catching on and grabbing its own niche.

the Sony brawler seems like it will be tons of fun, but not deep enough for serious tournament play. same reason the vast majority of the FGC doesn't give a damn about SSB. you need complexity and a deep, skillful system.

and for the people who might disagree because they think i'm bashing Sony, it has nothing to do with it. the FGC =/= the rest of the gaming world, so they don't care as much about what's popular. Mortal Kombat sold a lot and is popular in the gaming world, but it's still 4th or 5th on most tourney slots. the Sony brawler will likely be a huge hit in the gaming world, but not in the FGC.

Regent_of_the_Mask2203d ago

Nobody cares what the "FGC" thinks. People who think a game is competitive will play it like that regardless of what a bunch of elitist think. SSB has tournaments for it and Playstation All Stars will have tournaments for it too and it will even have a tournament mode.

Still, this is being worked on by competitive members of the FGC and it has a lot more tournament potential than SSB had.

OmniSlashPT2203d ago

Games only need one single thing to be competitive and really have a competitive element in it. And that's called balance. Most of the PAS:BR team have worked in other fighting games so I'm sure they'll be making a fun, balanced and deep experience and fighting mechanics.