(WGB) Battleship: The Videogame - Review

Baden of WolfsGamingBlog writes: "Ladies and gentleman, as well as any apes or monkeys that have figured out how to use the Internet, I give you Battleship: The Videogame, which is based upon Battleship the film, which was inspired by Battleship the board game, which was based on the original pen and paper version of the game which was titled Broadsides: A Game of Naval Strategy. Got all of that? No? Tough. And like any move tie-in game, I went into this was considerable apprehension, especially given that the film was a plotless mess, albiet a plotless mess with plenty of explosions. To my pleasant surprise, Battleship: The Videogame is actually one of the better movie tie-in titles out there. It’s still boring, though."

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Fairchild Channel F2235d ago

Might be the first time a game scores higher then the movie lol.

ilikestuff2235d ago

haven't seen the movie or played the game but i would be shocked if either is even ok

Series_IIa2235d ago

You sunk my battleship, that's a paddlin

Fairchild Channel F2235d ago

Can't wait for the Connect Four movie myself. And the Gnip Gnop trilogy is gonna rule.

WolfLeBlack2235d ago

The Connect Four film may be the most immersive, dramatic, beautifully realised work of genius we've ever seen!

Oh, and that was sarcasm :P

guitarded772235d ago

Candy Land will brutalize Connect Four.

Fairchild Channel F2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Can we at least all agree that the Yahtzee! movie will be a visual tour de force?