High-Definition Smackdown

The Boston Globe writes:

"WHOEVER SET the standard for high-definition DVDs will make billions of dollars in the next few years, as people who own high-definition televisions replace their DVD collections with higher-quality discs and the machines to play them. These stakes explain why two corporate alliances have refused to budge for the last three years, even though competition between their two formats was delaying popular acceptance of the technology. It appears the battle took a decisive turn recently, to consumers' benefit."

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NEO_X3928d ago

9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

speaking of which i need some dbz in bluray

Joey Gladstone3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

They seem to have disappeared back into their crawl spaces, and bomb shelters.........i no longer hear their Speeches about how its statistically better, and has better resolution quality....yada ...yada....I LOVE STICKING IT TO YOU HDDVD LOSERS NOW ..........honestly can any HDDVD fans give any argument FOR it now???????.................... .......................
"The JOEY has Spoken"

Staircase3928d ago

I personally have a Blu-ray player (PS3) and have supporting that since day 1. But i hope that HD-DVD doesn't give up, and comes out with something huge to keep the competition alive.

LoydX-mas3928d ago

The only side using stats as arguments were the Blu-ray supporters. Ex: 50gig is bigger, Blu-ray has more bandwidth, etc.

In my opinion, the reason YOU don't see anymore HD-DVD fans here anymore is because of the childish Blu-ray posts like yourself who came out of your cave or bomb shelter to gloat over a format war that will end up being just a niche market.

And also, here are a couple arguments for HD-DVD:
1. $139 for new player and get 7 free movies.
2. Movies on Combo( which makes ONE purchase instead of two for Blu-ray)

Fighter3928d ago

Is that $139 player the xbox 360 add-on? Don't you need a 360 powered on to use it or can you use it as a stand-alone without a presence of a 360?

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BLUR1113928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

yeah i bet microsoft wished they had put hddvd drive in the 360 now being released when it was. then im sure hddvd would not be as behind lol

whengeeksgobad3928d ago

there isn't a single new piece of info in here. These guys just barely pick up the story?

BLUR1113928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

ohh bluray ohh ps3 oh shut the heII up u little nerds i bet u dont even play video games if bluray was on 360 then hddvd would be so cool right ...oh yea not that i care but umm u do know fanboys universal is sticking with hd dvd


Feeling bitter HD-DVD has lost?

BLUR1113928d ago

no i could care less why care sound bitter cuz its so annoying, ps3 fanboys are so retarded

chfthnder263928d ago

to joey gladstone u have got to be the gayest fanboy on this site i mean come on u act as though u have stock in sony u sony fans havent stop to think just how bad it would be to have a company that has control of the movies and the movie format would be all the movie studios that r on blu ray side will have to do wut sony says if they want there movies in hi def which doesnt make sense to me now that is wut u call a monoply but i guess u guys havent thought about that

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