NGB: Datura Review

Datura is like nothing I’ve ever played before and that in itself makes it an interesting but difficult title to recommend. It’s design is so aloof that it borders on un-playable because you simply have no idea what’s going on, but that’s clearly by choice and in that sense Plastic have succeeded at providing one of the most unique titles of this generation.

Datura reminds me a lot of Myst which is certainly not a bad thing either and its crazy world is steeped in the same atmospheric grandeur. Datura certainly won’t be for everyone, but you almost have to play it to experience the sheer madness of it. Very rarely will a game leave me speechless, but even after finishing Datura, I iliterally have no idea what to tell you.

There is nothing like Datura on the PlayStation Store right now and even though it’s more of an experiment than a game, it’s one you miss at your peril.

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