Vorcha Coming to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer - Multiplayer Infographic Released

Loud Mouthed Gamers: "BioWare has announced Operation Silencer which challenges all Mass Effect 3 players to kill a total of 3,000,000 Banshees this weekend."

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zeal0us2233d ago

We probably won't get to play Vorcha until BW release that extend cut dlc. I wonder will BW nerf the Vorcha, seeing as they could heal themselves.

Brixxer6002233d ago

I think that they will have very low shields but that BW will allow there healing ability to evolve and include teamates .

LAWSON722233d ago

We don't need the game to be unbalanced

SneeringImperialist2233d ago

I hope so, i bet they will have some weird sprinting animation like running around on all fours lol.