15 3D Classics we want to see on 3DS

GamesRadar: "Ever since Nintendo announced its 3D Classics initiative for the 3DS eShop, our imaginations have been working in overdrive dreaming of the many ways our favorite games could benefit from a three-dimensional facelift. Now, nearly one year since its launch, we're still... well... waiting.

With just a handful of downloads to choose from, the selection of 3D Classics is slim to say the least. Sure, we dig how Nintendo made Excitebike exciting again, or how it gave Kirby a little girth, but we thought by now our 3DS hard drives would be replete with classic NES, Game Boy, and Sega games in glorious 3DS-O-Vision.

Suffice to say, Nintendo has a long way to go before 3D Classics becomes the shop it was born to be. Thankfully, it also has hundreds of so-called “classics” to work with. So where should it begin on its road to digital salvation? We have some ideas..."

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Venox20082078d ago

Super metroid
Metroid: zero mission
Metroid: fusion
Felix the cat
Conker's bad fur day
Megaman 2
TMNT: turtles in time
Contra 3: alien wars
Contra: hard corps
Sin & Punishment
Spiderman & venom: maximum carnage
Castlevania series
Super mario world & 3
Donkey kong country trilogy
Killer instinct
Metal slug series
Streets of rage trilogy
Comix Zone