Pixelitis Picks: Most regrettable game purchases

Pixelitis: We’ve all experienced it. That moment of euphoria after buying that brand new game that’s been touted as “so awesome” and “innovative” by a number of different outlets. For months, every spoiler-free detail oozes out into the collective knowledge base of gamers and every new feature is teased online.

Yet when it finally comes time to sit down and spend hours in front of the TV, it turns out that this long sought after game that was supposed to be a gem is more like a lump of coal.

As consumers of the gaming industry, there’s no doubt that we’ve plunked down cash on games that we ended up regretting considerably. Buyer’s remorse is a crappy feeling, especially when there’s a good reason for feeling that way – like when the games we purchase are really complete ass.

We here at Pixelitis would love to share some of our most regrettable game purchases. We’re sure you can relate.

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darthv722237d ago

isnt regrettable in the sense that I wasnt satisfied. It is more because of how the whole thing went down. Years ago nintendo had a lock out on studios creating games for a competitive system (Sega). At the US.

Over in JP there were games on the famicom, pcengine and mega drive that were made by the same developers. The movie Batman (Tim Burton/Michael Keaton version) was a big license and Sunsoft made the game for the NES. They also made the game in JP for the mega drive. It was soooo much better but because of Nintendo and their anti-competitive nature blocked the porting of the game state side.

So all the rage (at the time) were these import stores like DieHard (anyone remember them??) which was similar to play asia and liksang (I miss them). So they were offering the JP mega drive import for batman at something like $100+ which (at the time) was the only way to play it. So I bit the bullet and got it. Sweet packaging as it comes in this tiny game case instead of the more common bigger one and it opened up backwards from regular cases as well.

So (here is the kicker) not long after the game was released in JP. sunsoft and a few other companies basically sued nintendo for the rights to openly make games and release them in other markets on other platforms and they won. So within months of having paid over $100 for the import of comes the domestic genesis version for $40. I actually have both. The import is more of a collectable now because it is a rare case design and the 'interesting' story behind it.

It was such an easy port because the game itself was all in english so all they did was change the cartridge casing and packaging and viola it is now a domestic release.

I can look back at many of my game purchases and think why did I get that but in the end, as a collector, they are all part of my collection. Sorry for the long read.

mushroomwig2238d ago

Oh I agree with Enter The Matrix, I was looking forward to that game for the longest time and it was a huge disappointment.

I_am_Batman2238d ago

My most regrettable game purchase was Oblivion. It wasn't a bad game but after all the reviews I got so hyped that I expected way too much. I never played a Elder Scrolls before so I didn't know how it plays. After a while the sub quests became useless and I had the best equipment long before even coming near the end of the game. The motivation was gone cause I couldn't really become stronger anymore. The first person battle system didn't work for me either. I'm glad that I played it through cause the story and the end boss are pretty good. Anyway to me it's one of the most overrated games.

ATi_Elite2238d ago

I just had to have the worlds first 8mb cartridge (so they said)!

bought it like that first weekend after release at Toy's R. Us for $79.99
(That's right folks that was like the price for two games)!

Got home and beat it in like 2 hours :(

(seriously like 2 hours cause i never took off my jacket or shoes and all the other stuff i bought was still in my bags next to me)

Luckily I was able to trade it in at Babbages for like $35 and got a couple more games but man i was so disappointed in Strider and my $80 bucks being gone!

darthv722237d ago

still my favorite game to this day. I guess your situation was more about the cost of the game vs the longevity. That can make for a regrettable purchase.

For me a regrettable purchase would be one that flat out just does not satisfy. I'd say the Kasumi ninja game for the jaguar hits that nail on the head.

That is a poor mans mortal kombat.

Donnywho2237d ago

I miss the days of distinguishing between a crap game and a good game. It's all patches, updates and lies these days.

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