EA CEO: "Mobile games are not going to wipe out the console business"

EA chief executive John Riccitiello was a keynote speaker today at CTIA Wireless in New Orleans, where he outlined the future of the mobile landscape as he sees it and how game publishers and mobile firms will become great partners in the years ahead.

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Snookies122237d ago

Lol, no one would think it would... Though it does have an impact on handheld systems, which is bad.

Anon19742237d ago

I know. Who says it was going to?

VanguardOfCalamity2237d ago

everyone - we heard it from Satan himself (or at least a close facsimile in video game circles)

lol XD

Amazingmrbrock2237d ago

All those morons that keeps saying idevices are going to kill off handhelds and eventually all consoles. Ie the new ipad came out and many sites were comparing it's graphic powers to the home consoles and some going as far as saying that it was a sign of things to come for consoles.

I_am_Batman2237d ago

Agreed. It's like saying: "mp3 players are going to wipeout Hi-Fi system business. "

Y_51502237d ago

How can mobile games wipe consoles out if we still love our consoles?

BlackTar1872237d ago

He is proabbly responding to the nonsense Appl people preach sometimes about it being everything etc.

Octo12237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Some coo coo at Ngmoco thinks that it will. Oh wait. It's Ngmoco -_-

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The story is too old to be commented.