Is The New Setting Good For Call of Duty?

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 takes place in the near future with all kinds of new technology and drones, but is this setting a good idea for the future of Call of Duty? The Editors of VGutopia weigh in.

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Nostalgia2261d ago

It could be set in a well and it would still sell millions.
The only thing that can kill CoD is Activision.

flankhim2261d ago

Cant wait to pawn those bf lovers when the ea servers go down every other week.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2261d ago

You pretty much summed it up lol

Now i might get stoned for this (And not the good stoned). But the setting didn't feel THAT different in my opinion judging from the trailer. Besides the occasional robot thing it looked like every other CoD trailer to me. I mean for god's sake this CoD takes place about 15 years or so after Mw3 how different can it actually be right? o_- They are using horses for god's sake,,, HORSES!!!!!

WolfLeBlack2261d ago

I think this change to a near-future setting is a good one for the aeries as it opens up more options that the developers will hopefully utilise to make this Call of Duty feel fresh and fun.

Fingers crossed.

fluffydelusions2261d ago

Does it matter? COD fanboys are on par with Apple ones. They will buy anything spit out by Activision with the Call of Duty name on it.

Getowned2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

ughhh I hate Apple, Apple is worse then cod or just as bad just, just dont even...


I do like black ops, but MW3 was sooooo horrible. I get COD ever year for free for christmas so I don't care story modes have been ok but mp latly is lacking even black ops gets boring fast and the only mode I play is CTF lol.

belal2261d ago

it might just be the thing cod needs, something fresh. But they should also make a new engine.

Gamer-Z2261d ago

So im getting shot at by a quadro instead of a UAV drone whats new exactly?