Highlander The Game - Trailer

For the Highlander fans there is a game coming out in 2008 for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. YouTube User "bf2mad" just found this trailer on the Highlander The Source DVD.

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Vip3r3928d ago

This better not be like Rob Roy and Bravheart films with the fake Scottish accents.

I'm a Scot btw.

tonsoffun3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

double ost sorry...

tonsoffun3928d ago

I agree the chracter sounded like one of the proclaimers trying to put on a Scots accent. They had better not mess about with the accents. ( I am a Scotsman too)

Also, I am not too sure how he fits into the time line of the films - but hell, the tv series did'nt fit in with them either....

Has the potential to be a kick aZZ game though....

scoobysnacks3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

er, the proclaimers are scottish. So are you saying that it sounded like a Scot trying to put on a Scots accent, because that just doesn't make any sense.

And is it just me or was it really weird that the oringal film used a frenchman to play a Scot, but then used a Scot (connery) to play a spanish immortal?

But yeah, the first film, which i'm a big fan of was great, not so keen on the sequels, but always thought that it could be the grounds for one hell of a game. Lets just hope they do it justice and it doesn't follow in the steps of most movie/game cash-ins.

tonsoffun3928d ago

No, I am trying to say it is sounds ike a scot trying very hard to sound like a scot, which results in a really pronounced accent - which may saound scottish to the rest of the world, but not to scots - an incredibly genralised imitation if you will......

scoobysnacks3928d ago

Ah, sorry, yeah understand where your coming from now. Yeah, nothing quite like an exaggerated accent. I'm part Scot myself, even though I don't have the accent, been raised in the south of england all my life. But my Scottish relatives, well they hate it when someone tries to pull of the accent and do it badly. Just like when american actors try and do an english accent and do it badly, but then I find that funny, for a short time.

hardcorehippiez3928d ago

but we do a great cover of a proclaimers song lol. oh am

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Majere3928d ago

They dont screw this up. I love the movies and the series.

Skerj3928d ago

Dude I totally forgot about this damn game, probably because no info was delivered on it. In any case if it hits this year hoo-freaking-ray I'm buying it.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3928d ago

would be the ONLY way to actually play HIGHLANDER.

1 loss and your game doesn`t work anymore. lol.

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