Jita's Ashes: EVE Online teaches us something about player freedom

Have you ever wished that the people running MMOs would take a more hands-off approach? The EVE Online "Burn Jita" player event is powerful example that provides unique insight to this question.

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THR1LLHOUSE2140d ago

I, like most people, love hearing stories like this. A friend of mine owned a copy of EVE and gave me a free trial code thing so I was able to check it out...turns out the game is absurdly dull 99.9% of the time.

SeekDev2140d ago

Here's something pretty relatable.#1 is EVE, and is absolutely hilarious, the rest are great too.

Saryk2140d ago


SeekDev2140d ago

#7 is about EVE also, been a while since I read that article.