10 Movies That Need To Be Video Games

WhatCulture writes: Video game movie tie-in’s have a difficult reputation to shake. Often produced cheaply and quickly to simply increase the profit and awareness of an upcoming movie, they are normally best avoided. Recent blockbusters like Iron Man 2 have followed this trend with lousy efforts, whilst consoles in the 80′s and 90′s were completely over-saturated with bad movie games. The awful Atari game based on ET was responsible for 1983′s video games crash, with the silly alien almost putting an abrupt end to the future of gaming.

In recent years, games based on movies are generally increasing in quality, with many developers putting care and attention into making something faithful to the film itself. In 2005 Rockstar brought us a brilliant beat-em-up based on The Warriors , while last years Toy Story 3 was a respectable and surprisingly deep game which even adults could enjoy.

Following our recent article on games which deserve to be transformed into big screen movies, here’s a selection of 10 films which would make excellent video games.

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