5 Reasons Why Skyward Sword Sucks

WhatCulture writes: Let’s start by stating this article is written by someone who loves the The Legend of Zelda series and some of my fondest gaming memories are with Link on our adventures together. I certainly didn’t set out to dislike this game, but during those hours of playtime, something wasn’t right. It felt like the crushing disappointment of Phantom Menace syndrome all over again. Years of waiting, hoping that this one would be better. It was designed for the Wii, it had a great art style, a great premise, what could go wrong? I even invested in a cable to make my Wii look as though is was HD, even if it is the lowest 480 and the mandatory Wii Motion Plus. I wanted to love this game, we all did! But it is imposible to even like.

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YxUxNO2230d ago

I don't like motion controls either, but that's the only thing I can agree with here. I LOVED the game

crxss2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

not a huge fan of motion controls as well but i found that Skyward Swords' were perfectly fine. i never once died because of the controls. having said that i've also witnessed a few people playing the game and most of them sucked with the controller, game isn't for some people i guess.

Fi and Repetition are very valid points as to why the game wasn't as good as it could have been. I don't think there's been an amazing Zelda game where i liked the partner. (SS + OoT amazing games terrible partner, WW great game so-so partner, TP so-so game and awesome partner)

StraightPath2230d ago

Zelda Skyward Sword was universally praised by critics and my PERSONAL GOTY 2011. This is coming from a gamer who has played ALL Zeldas on all platforms it appeared.

This article sucks. Only agree on motion controls at times made me angry. But overall Zelda Skyward Sword shows that innovative and creative gaming is still alive. Was a magnificent game.

Story was great
Gameplay was great
Graphics were great

Zelda Skyward Sword was another masterpiece game.


- after 50 hours or so pretty good for a game when games these days run for 8 hours...after that there is no replay value.

- motion controls are horrendous and iresponsive at times.

Bimkoblerutso2230d ago

Well, I really liked the game too, but I actually AGREE with everything on the list.

Fi, the repetition, the squandered motion controls, the lack of real innovation, etc. It's all true, but...I don't know. It's like it's got such a strong foundation that the game was still great regardless of all that.

crxss2230d ago

so as long as they pump out a game entitled Zelda it'll be really great to you?

Bimkoblerutso2230d ago

Yes, the formula is getting old, and I'll even go on record as saying that they obviously need to evolve at this point, but I still had a great time playing Skyward need to look into it more than that because I didn't mean anything more than that.

crxss2230d ago

if you're always going to have a great time playing any game called Zelda then they really don't need to change anything for you.

Bimkoblerutso2230d ago

....I'm sorry, we are talking about Skyward Sword, aren't we? I don't recall ever saying anything about "any game with Zelda in the name."

Stop attacking the straw man and just read what I wrote for exactly what it is.

crxss2229d ago

i'm pretty sure you affirmed my comment that "so as long as they pump out a game entitled Zelda it'll be really great to you?"

i am reading everything you wrote for exactly what it is. you're saying they need to change things up but that you'll always be content with any Zelda game. do you not see the flaw in your logic? it's gamers like yourself that don't give Nintendo any incentive to change their formula since you'll ALWAYS have a great time playing any game they pump out called "Zelda". you mine as well play the CDI Zelda games.

Bimkoblerutso2229d ago

Dear God...YOU'RE the only one that's bringing up "every game entitled Zelda."

What kind of "logic" is it to make the ridiculous assumption that I am automatically going to like every Zelda game that is going to be released? I didn't say that and I didn't MEAN that. I liked Skyward Sword, but I still think the franchise needs to evolve. That's what I said, and that's exactly what I meant.

I...don't know what else to say.

crxss2229d ago

crxss: "so as long as they pump out a game entitled Zelda it'll be really great to you?"

Bimkoblerutso: "Yes, ... I still had a great time playing Skyward Sword"


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Kur02230d ago

Every point is valid. I just don't understand the praise for the game. It was hugely disappointing. I want something as good as Ocarina of Time to come out again.

gamerben2230d ago

Wind Waker was just as good, if not better.

HarryMasonHerpderp2230d ago

Wind waker's the best zelda game in my opinion.
Skyward sword didn't really do anything different.

SnipeySnake2230d ago

I agree, Wind Waker was the best. People didn't like it because of the art direction it took. I just loved exploring the sea and finding new islands.

ozzywazzy2230d ago

Ocarina of Time is widely considered a contender for best game ever. Wind Waker isn't. I'd take MM over WW too.

gamerben2230d ago


OoT and windwaker are some of my favorite games ever, but... MM is just messy imo, if it wasn't for the darker theme people would probably hate it.

Uncharted2Vet2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

@gamerben sorry but your full of shit, the darker theme is not the only reason why people like MM. MM is the only game out of all zeldas that has the most character development out of any zelda game every character in that game has purpose to the overall story of the game, also for the fact being able to be a race other than your typical human being was another reason, having the time limit which added to overall experience knowing that it was actually a race against time to do what needs to be done, each boss having to be killed in a unique way to the environment that they are in, etc. you probably never even played MM.

gamerben2229d ago

okay. it has character development, but you know what else is important? creating new characters.

Malon is "Romani" now? and her adult self is "Cremia"?

That's almost as bad as what capcom did in oracle of seasons/ages, just take graphics from the older game and give it a different name.

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lizard812882230d ago

Me too. I was excited to play this, until the motion controls decided to lag. The combat was also built up too, but It didn't live up to all it was built up to be. Baddies can magically block attacks that would have hit normally.

SnipeySnake2230d ago

Motion Controls-> Honestly I despise motion controls but after playing Skyward Sword I hope they bring it back in newer Zelda games. It handled it so perfectly. If you died because of the motion controls, you either hate swinging your arm around or aren't playing the game right.

Repetitive->I half agree with this point here, they could have had newer environments to explore from. But the area's did change at times so it didn't feel THAT repetitive, for example in the desert place (spoilers)->>> it turns into an ocean in one part. Though the exploration is what makes Wind Waker my favorite in the series. I also think they could have had more towns in the sky and maybe on the earth too. Just one big one isn't enough.

Fi-> DEFINITELY agree here, Fi is so annoying. When I'm low on hearts i don't need her to remind me to use a potion, specially when I don't even have any. They should have just given an option to...turn her off.. :/

Story-> I disagree here, the story was definitely one of the best in the series. The characters were great too.

Lacking Innovation-> I disagree here. I personally like sequels to stick with the same formula but add new features into it. They had weapon/item upgrading, flying, motion controls (and the way they used it, making even simple enemies fun to beat) and much more. It just sounds like you just want Zelda to not be Zelda anymore.

ThePsychoGamer2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

No, the story was really bad, and had a flaw that no other Zelda game had, huge plot holes.

telekineticmantis2230d ago

is what left a bad taste in my mouth. The motion controls weren't great but that was minute, just didn't enojy it overall

cpayne932230d ago

Sucks is a strong word but the game I did have some issues with the game.

The motion controls did suck, TP controls were much more basic and didn't require precision, so it worked well for it. But the wiimote just didn't offer the accuracy SS was asking for.

That Fi thing is also pretty bad. No emotion, no character development, and her lines are just annoying. Midna was a much better character, I felt like they actually put a lot of time into her development through TP.

And the next Zelda does need to be bigger in scale. SS just didn't feel that epic, not even as much as TP.

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