Why The Witcher 2 is better than Skyrim

Professional monster hunter or Dovahkiin?'s Lawson Douvier makes the decision as he compared two game that have made waves through the RPG world. This all just makes me wish I could play as Geralt in Skyrim.

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Drabent2266d ago

Yep got to play my 360 again^^

joab7772265d ago

Actually, it kept me playing xbox. Normally, i am 80% ps3 but i chose skyrim for 360, for obvious reasons, mass effect 3 for obviois reasons and now the witcher 2. I love it. Its hard for me to say one is better than the other as they are both superior in different aspects. I will say though, that skyrim is amazingly great in its open world structure and in its ability to let u craft whatever story u want. It lacks in story, due probably to its non linear nature, and its combat struggles. Also, i find it hard to be satisfied leveling up or gaining skills. And these negatives are where the witcher 2 shines so bright. I am happy to have played both. Thanks for making ur way to my xbox.

NastyLeftHook02266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I think skyrim is better. and demons souls/dark souls is king.

360GamerFG2266d ago

Lol of course you'd think that

cpayne932266d ago

And of course you wouldn't. It goes both ways you know ;)

_Aarix_2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )


And your pool is draining in a hole.

NastyLeftHook02266d ago

I like you. You remind me of myself when I was young and stupid.

Arnon2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

So you admit that you're stupid. Sorry, I just had to.

Anyway, story, dialog, characters, combat, graphics, sound, controls, I'd give to The Witcher 2. Open world, choose what to do etc., loot, exploration, lore, I would give to Skyrim.

And as you can tell, they're both two... completely different games. Saying one is better than the other doesn't really make sense.

JsonHenry2266d ago

I agree with the OP. My personal opinion is that open world and number of things to do in Skyrim blows the other two titles out of the water. However the combat in Dark Souls and Witcher 2 was much more fun. The story of Witcher 2 is better than the other two titles. And Dark Souls was just plain fun and the PvP/Co-op was a lot of fun.

But if I have to rank them it would be DS>W2>Skyrim. But I had a LOT of fun with all three.

ElementX2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I'd consider Demon/Dark Souls to be action-RPGs. They have less focus on leveling and dialogue, definitely not in the same league as Skyrim or Witcher 2.

cpayne932266d ago

Eh? They're all action rpgs. And I haven't played Witcher, but I find the combat, atmosphere, and level design of Demon's souls to appeal far more to me than skyrim. That's just me though, I think its a better game. Haven't played dark souls yet.

plumber152266d ago

I like the fallout series more then skyrim but your right dark souls is better then all as for demon souls never beat that game .

sohaben2261d ago

I like skyrim and Fallout the same...similar to how a parent loves both kids the same....although elderscrolls, to me, is first

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MrDead2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I have both games, they play so differently from each other that I have no favourite. They accommodate two different gaming needs,to say one is better then the other is just odd to me.

jakethesnake2266d ago

I agree. They are both fun and amazing games. I don't care which is better because they are both worth your time and money!

DarthJay2266d ago

Why does one have to be better than another? Both are amazing and a ton of fun in their own regard. Not everything in life has to be a competition.

If you are a fan of this genre of video game, both are MUST HAVES.

Baron792266d ago

This is like picking between two of my children! I just can't, they're both so awesome. Witcher 2's story is so incredible and the choices you have to make so tough, there's NO game like it. Skyrim is just epic all around.

rdgneoz32266d ago

Maybe you should try cutting the children in half and sowing half of each together. That way you never have to worry about choosing between them :)

shodan742266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Agreed. Both are terrific games. Skyrim edges it slightly for me on the overall experience, but The Witcher 2 takes in on story and characterization. Also concur that the choices you're faced with in Witcher 2 are so unbelievably tough. Infinitely better than the usual moral choice stuff. Instead of binary good vs evil decisions, they're either about emotional satisfaction vs duty/wider political ramifications, and generally all options are morally murky and complex. It reflects the wider gameworld brilliantly in that sense.

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