Dragon’s Dogma Gets a Launch Trailer and a New Developer Diary

The launch of Dragon’s Dogma is still almost two weeks away, but Capcom jumped the gun, releasing today the launch trailer of the game, giving us a brief glimpse on the epic struggle of the Arisen.

The publisher also released the third episode of the developer diary videos related to the game.

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Honest_gamer2258d ago

never heard of this game, heard about it a few hours ago watched a 10 minute game play video on youtube and then phoned up my local game shop to preorder it, looks amazing cant wait till the 25th

Ultr2258d ago


I played the demo, I really dig the controlling of the characters, and I want to play my character I created xD
SUCKS BIG TIME that it does not have co-op SO FKING STUPID!!!

Regent_of_the_Mask2258d ago

Looks like garbage (much like how it plays; demo)

HacSawJimThugin2258d ago

Why are you trolling all of the Dragon's Dogma articles? You are not suppose to leave from under your bridge until the 22nd...bad troll, bad.