Who wants a Wii U? Not three out of four gamers

A substantial number of current gamers are not interested in purchasing Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console, according to a poll at online discount aggregator Dealnews.

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acronkyoung1965d ago

I'm gonna wait and see on this one. I bought a Wii day one and it really only gets used as a Netflix machine, or when we have a lot of family or friends over.

illegalyouth1965d ago

And Monster Hunter. That's about it.

YxUxNO1965d ago

Mine is pretty much a Zelda-box

Hisiru1965d ago

We will see that after this year's E3.

RedDead1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Super smash bros/monster hunter tri/Xenoblade/mario galaxys/the last story/Zelda's

Tat's all I have played on it. Although they are all great games, the first 3 some of my fav this gen

MariaHelFutura1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I'm buying one. But I love gaming, I'm a little weird like that....

KonaBro1965d ago

I bought a Wii for my mother for Xmas because she wanted to play Wii-Fit. Now she only turns it on to watch Netflix. smh

camel_toad1965d ago

Yeh Ive always been the kind of hardcore gamer that buys every console available right when they come out but after having the wii and it collecting more dust than a 90yr old prostitute, Im taking a wait and see approach.

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NYC_Gamer1965d ago

Many won't jump on the Wii-U at launch until Nintendo proves themselves....

roblef1965d ago

My Wii has been on the shelf for at least a year, now. Nintendo is gonna have to do some serious work on getting a new console into my house day one.

vladn1965d ago

Hard to predict the market's purchasing habits when product specific details are still unknown to the public. This poll should be re-administered after E3 2012; the data comparison would at least give us an idea of the market's reaction to Nintendo revealing the finalized pricing, release date and first and third party software.

For now, all the poll does is gauge the reaction to a subjective belief (in the respondents) about a non-released product(since few finalized details are known to the public)

tigertron1965d ago

Unless Nintendo show me a wealth of hardcore exclusives like they had in the olden days then I'm not interested.

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The story is too old to be commented.