GamesEyeView - What's Wrong With Star Wars: The Old Republic? Can Bioware Fix it?

GEV says: So, how does Bioware fix the problem? The obvious answer is server mergers. But simply merging random servers won’t be enough. Bioware will need to do what it can to merge Republic heavy servers with Imperial heavy servers to also try and do something about the game’s vast faction imbalance. They’re also going to have to readdress the game’s PvP rewards system, as the changes made in 1.2 are wildly unpopular.

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Zha1tan2407d ago

you cant polish a turd

beast20002407d ago

Good game. It seems if they can balance the server issues then bring out new daily quests it can breath some life into the title. It has only been out for a mere 6 months.

Kamikaze1352407d ago

This is what went wrong:

- Launched with WAY too many servers
- No mention of server mergers
- Having a companion all the time makes people do most of their questing solo
- Missions aren't difficult aside from dungeons and boss fights
- Crafting isn't as useful as it should be minus one or two professions
- It's Star Wars, but there isn't enough action in space aside from an on-rails (but fun) mini-game.
- Graphics aren't great
- Too much of an emphasis on single player experience...I love it, but give people more of a reason to party up

DeadlyFire2407d ago

EA is new to MMO scene though. I think in time they will learn right way to do things.

Star Wars on rails combat in space is terrible idea to me. Sounds like a quick fix they just threw into the game.

I personally think they need to rethink entire MMO idea they had with TOR and mix some EVE + Star Wars Galaxies concepts into it with some space combat.

Derpy2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I can't help wondering if it's just the market being over saturated with MMOs. Due the the time and money demanding nature of the genre, the average gamer probably does not invest in more than one MMO at a time. Of course this is speculation on my part, but perhaps with so many MMOs coming out, developers are spreading their audience too thin.