How Blocking Used Games Will Kill The Gaming Industry

"I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember. As a kid, the most exciting thing in the world was going to my best friend’s house to swap Nintendo games, or taking a trip to the local video…" by Alan Robinson

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SactoGamer2237d ago

This topic is one that has me fairly concerned.

Muffins12232236d ago

Negatives of not getting used games:
.pay 10 dollars more
.cant share games
.cant buy games off ebay

.the developer gets the money they deserve if you dont buy it used
.You will likely have the option to download it to your console without having to use the disc after installing

Both have the cons and pro's :D

2236d ago
Derpy2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

The destruction of the used game market for PCs has not benefited the PC gamer in any way. If fact things have only gotten worse, especially in the DRM department.

@edonus: After the used PC game market ceased to be, PC games got more expensive than ever. A new PC game today costs almost twice as much as they did when the used PC game market was around. What makes you think it will be any different for the console market?

It is never an improvement for the consumer when consumer choice is taken away and it usually has a way of backfiring on the industry.

ziggurcat2236d ago

don't be because it's not going to happen. people are reporting (on) unsubstantiated rumour as fact because someone somewhere posted something on pastebin.

LocutusEstBorg2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

What a bunch of cheapskate rage. PC games have been non-transferable for the past 5 years or more. There are billions, literally BILLIONS of single owner games sold on Steam. The games that are produced for PC are vastly superior to the better selling console games.

Another point to note is that copyrighted software is like copyrighted music or movies. ONLY the copyright holder & co. has the right to grant you a license to use it. The license is NON-TRANSFERABLE. There is a specific exception in the First Sale Doctrine for video games that prohibits you from reselling.

@Author So you enjoyed pirating-- I mean illegally lending games so you could play them without paying for them. Single player games are like a movie; it doesn't matter if you physically retain the disc since if you played it you've extracted its value.

GamingManiac2236d ago

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd devs don't make any money off of used games, so wtf?

thebudgetgamer2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

So if I own two Playstations I should not be able to go from bed to couch without having to buy two games.

I also don't understand how the look of pc games has to do with any of this.

Ducky2236d ago

Why would you be restricted to the game only working on single playstation?

I'd expect them to just register the game to your PSN account. Want access to the game? Just log into your PSN account and you're good to go.

Derpy2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

In the US it is completely legal to loan a physical copy of anything you have purchased to a friend or family member, be it a book. movie or video game as long as you are not making duplicates. In other words as long the video game is only being used one person at any given time, it is not illegal.

As for UELAs, it's questionable how binding they are as real contracts require agreement from both parties before money changes hands. Since most forms of video games are not refundable and you don't see the UELA until after purchase the game, it does bring up some serious questions about their legality.

Wikkid6662236d ago

Doesn't concern me at all. This whole gen I've only bought 1 used game.

deletingthis346753342236d ago

Jeez. The new game ONLY costs 5 bucks more than the used game at GameStop. It is not such a huge premium. You are just being cheap. Cough up some money.

Hicken2236d ago

Price difference is only PART of the problem. GameStop is only ONE of the entities that sell used games. They're the largest, certainly, but not the only one. And that five dollars? It could be more like 20, like it currently is with CoD. Got that little discount card everyone rails against? That five dollar difference becomes ten, the twenty is now twenty-four.

How many games do you buy a year? Five, six? Ten? It may not be a big deal on just one game, but surely you can see how quickly that becomes a lot of money when you're buying all the big releases each year.

And, like I said, that small difference in price is only PART of the reason why it would be bad.

Ramas2236d ago

Devs will loose money from that. How many of you would be buying same ammount of games like you usualy do if you wouldnt be able to sell them later?
For example i buy about 15 games a year and i sell 13 of them after i completed them. So if i would not be able to sell games i would be much more careful with buying and maybe buy 5 games a year instead of 15. Only the ones i want really really bad.

Veneno2236d ago

Exactly. The only reason I take risks on certain games is because I will be able to trade them in and at least save some of the money I spent on a crappy game. But of course devs and pubs don't eunderstand the gamer's perspective that's why we have on disc DLC and other crap like that.

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