PS2 HD Collections we NEED to see (Part 2)

In our second article exploring the HD Collections we’d like to see made available on PlayStation 3, looks at potential offerings from two top-tier developers: Level-5 and Rockstar Games.

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Wh15ky1931d ago

Manhunt and Red Dead Revolver are the 2 Rockstar games I would love to see remade in HD.

TheColbertinator1931d ago

I want a Level 5 Collection in HD

Dark Cloud 2,Rouge Galaxy,and Dragon Quest 8 with trophies.

Omar911931d ago

dark cloud 2 was one of my favorite games last gen. the only problem I had was building the villages. I hated that. I never knew what to do. I always had to search it up online lol. Maybe now with a few years of gaming and age on my belt I would be able to do do it no problem. So I would enjoy a dark cloud 2 HD collection

Hellsvacancy1931d ago

Hitman Collection for me, oh and A Dogs Life

iNcRiMiNaTi1931d ago

I would not hesitate to rebuy Okami in HD

Godmars2901931d ago

I still what to see a Skies of Arcadia title. Be it a remake or a clone.

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