HAZE launch date: March 18?


"Well, just to make sure that the postponement isn't one of Free Radical's bad jokes (d'oh...), we put our inquisitiveness to test and guess what we've come up with? Both Amazon and EBGames say that Haze will debut on March 18 this year."

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whoelse3961d ago

The longer i wait for a proper release date, the more i lose interest in the game.

LJWooly3961d ago

That's exactly how I feel with this game.

Haze looks cool, it just doesn't look that much fun to play, if you know what I mean.

But, we'll see when it comes out, I guess.

boodybandit3961d ago

and ditto. That is exactly what I was thinking as well. By the time they bring the game out I will be burned out from all the delays and I might actually pass on it. Now I am taking a wait and see approach. Unless it gets great "user" feedback I won't purchase the game.

poos33960d ago

this game is the master of generic fps brings nothing new at all and looks very cheap .

Lifendz3960d ago

Haze would have done very well if it had come out during the game drought. I know they push it back to make a better game but timing is everything. Now, it's going to get lost in the flood of bigs coming this year and how many FPS can one person really need? Sorry Haze, but you're going to have to be AAA for me to buy you.

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cow moolester3961d ago

If rainbow 6 Vegas 2 is out in March then bye bye Haze

LJWooly3961d ago

Aw, man, I can't wait for that game, I loved the first one, it was great.

Poor Haze...

Kleptic3960d ago

I have always thought Vegas was overrated...if Vegas 2 has all the problems addressed (which would take both hands to count)...I will get back into...the cover system was fun, and the pacing was alright...but the online bugs, crappy lobby system, calypso, etc...were just to much to bare...

I like free radical, so I am still excited about Haze...with Resistance 2 and Kz2 coming in the not to distant future doesn't matter anyway...I pre-ordered it through wal mart during that $30 hiccup...if its honored, I will most likely be satisfied with how ever Haze turns out...if they do the same thing they did with brawl (refund rather than just honoring their mistake), I am not sure what I do...

but I am excited for Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 for this is very safe to say that neither Haze or Vegas 2 has much of anything on either of those titles...

ActionBastard3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I'll wait til March. Gives me time to run through DMC4.

TheHater3961d ago

that what I was thinking.

but yeah, my preorder of this game, saids it will be coming on the 18th of March

name3961d ago

Rainbow Six vegas 2 and it's custimization options> Haze's delays.

blikz3961d ago

Haze is just another shooter game...The drug or whatever effect player to run faster,shoot more accurate and bla bla bla...just like Crysis..

boodybandit3961d ago

about nearly every FPS and TPS game made. The only thing we can hope for is a solid single player campaign and smooth multiplayer with a decent variety of modes and options.

games4fun3961d ago

if it released when it was supposed to it would have been before crysis also tho very few people can play crysis on thier comps but at least everyone can play this game just need a ps3

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