Analyst: 'BioShock Infinite' delay opens up room for GTA V in October

XMNR: Irrational Games announced its decision on Wednesday to push the release of BioShock Infinite for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC from October to February of next year. According to from Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, this opens up a window for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V to enter into the crowded months of October and November.

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Nostalgia2259d ago

Take two should make a public poll between GTA5 and Bioshock, asking which should be delayed to next year and which should released this year.

NukaCola2259d ago

They could of released one in Oct and one in Nov or Dec. I don't get the delay. I personally want Bioshock more because I was really let down by GTA IV. I will get both though so this delay saddens me.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32258d ago

I think it's because they're going to work on a Wii U version XD

LOGICWINS2259d ago

Pointless..I'd be a landslide.

LOGICWINS2259d ago

For 200, I'll be whatever you want me ta be...suga ;)

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TekoIie2258d ago

A catapult that has confettie glued all over it :3

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BushLitter2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

I'd vote for Bioshock only because I've been anticipating it for longer

I agree with LOGICWINS though, GTA would kill Bioshock if it came to a vote

adorie2259d ago

Same, I'd rather them delay GTA V, since I stopped caring for GTA after San Andreas.

Dark112259d ago

Well thank god it got delayed , i want GTA V!!!

BushLitter2259d ago

Rockstar make it a habit of showing off their games extensively and months before the release. We haven't even seen gameplay footage for GTA yet. Seriously doubt it will release this year. My bet is mid-2013

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PhantomT14122258d ago

I think for now they just want us to believe that all they got for this year is Max Payne 3 because they know many will skip it if GTA V is to be released this fall.

BushLitter2258d ago

I like your optimism, dude, but I just can't see it happening this year. Would be great, but very unlikely

PerpetualMathx102259d ago

i hope they do release gta v this year because max payne isnt my thing hopefully they get to talking about gta v a little at e3.

George Sears2259d ago

Most big R* releases are mostly around May (at least, this is how it's been since the release of GTAIV). We haven't really seen much of the game besides one trailer so I doubt the game will come out this year. Most likely, May 2013.

BattleTorn2259d ago

Maybe R* is ready to get back into the "holiday" market.

George Sears2258d ago

I look at it this way, a franchise like GTA does not really need a Holiday release simply because it is a powerhouse franchise as is. It doesn't really matter as much compare to the likes of Bioshock at what time period it gets release on simply because people will purchase the game regardless.

In lame terms, it's on a league of its own.

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The story is too old to be commented.