PSU: MediEvil Resurrection Review 8.0/10 writes:

MediEvil is a series which started up on the original PlayStation console. Over 10 years ago, a sword wielding maniac dressed in nothing but his skeletal remains took on a horde of witless zombies. Now he's back and better than ever on the PSP.

+ Incredible voice acting amuses
+ Graphics are incredibly high quality compared to what's currently available
+ Mini-games are brilliant little time-wasters

- Clumsy accuracy occasionally frustrates
- Awkward camera angles

Bottom Line:

This game will bring you to a world similar to 'A Nightmare Before Christmas'. If you enjoy dark and gloomy, yet mildly amusing while still entertaining titles, then you'll never feel regret over picking this title up at retail prices.

Score: 8.0

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Cyrus3653990d ago

PSP is getting some really good titles in the last little while.