Diablo III: Can You Run It? Simple App Tells It All

With the hype and excitement of the upcoming Diablo III coming out next week, many are scrambling (or waiting) to build, upgrade, or mod their PC's to handle the blessed eye candy. Safe simple app that will confirm your reqs and upgrade needs.

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GamerToons2258d ago

If you have an Apple IIc you can run this game.

Psychonaughty2258d ago

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

zen5552258d ago

I know the game is carebeared up blizzard style but i was really disappointed. I logged in with my i7-950 @ 4ghz and gtx 680 and for the first time ever my 680 actually downclocked itself WHILE gaming. I had every setting maxed locked at 120fps... the textures look to be half a decade old even on max settings.

I understand blizzard is no longer going to produce something that doesn't appeal to the masses but good lord at least give the people that don't have a 10 year old pc an option.

NYC_Gamer2258d ago

Blizzard/Activision games never push hardware

Trenta272258d ago

They should. I mean, if they make a graphic intensive game, MY GOD!

SilentNegotiator2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Well it would be nice if some better textures and stuff were an available OPTION.....

Kaizin5142258d ago

I hope you realize the beta was extremely buggy when it game to hardware performance, Blizzard said this themselves. QA Testers in the forums even said their computers struggled even with some of the best and worst cards on the market. I have a i7-920 with a gtx570 and at times I came down to a crawl, but then when it caught up, it ran just fine. I'm fairly positive the release version will have virtually no issues whatsoever.

zen5552258d ago

That wasn't my complaint. My complaint was that the game looked like utter crap. I didn't drop below 120 fps ever with every setting maxed my pc is more stressed running paint. I don't see why they can't include a high res texture pack for those of us that aren't living in 2005.

Kaizin5142258d ago

Oh, well, fair enough. Still though, you are running a gtx680, you should be grabbing roughly 60fps or higher on every game that is currently out. Blizzard is known for making their games accessible, so that they can get as many people playing it as possible, and if that means reaching out to those who have 7 year old computers, then so be it. They are successful for things like that, which also re-enforces what fluffydelusions said below: "Gameplay over graphics my friend." - The game still looks rather good, whether or not you wanted to appreciate what Blizzard has done is on you. My thoughts is that I will enjoy every minute of it. :)

fluffydelusions2258d ago

Gameplay over graphics my friend.

SilentNegotiator2258d ago

I'll take gameplay PLUS graphics, thank you...

jukins2258d ago

pc elitist alert. . . . . Just because you own a pc that can handle any game thrown at does in no way mean every game should be made to do such. And honestly expecting a blizzard game to push graphical boundaries. . . really come on man!

OcularVision2258d ago

Starcraft 2 pushed graphical boundaries. I could run Diablo 3 beta max on my 2yr old Vaio laptop at about 50fps, while my pc struggles on SC2 to maintain even 30fps on ultra settings with several settings turned off/low...

NeoTribe2258d ago

Since when was blizzard about graphics. Especially considering its a dungeon crawler... its the best looking dungeon crawler I've seen. There's other games out there to tickle ur video cards pickle.

theeg2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )


i agree its not the most impressive graphics on the pc but at least it looks better than any game on console ever created :)

it literally makes uncharted3/killzone3/halo reach look last gen, only pc gamers think it looks outdated, it craps on any console game

sure its no witcher 2 with uber sampling or bf3 in 1600p ultra, but its a damn fine looking game

i loved the beta and cannot wait for the full game!

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TheModernKamikaze2258d ago
you're welcome.

TheModernKamikaze2258d ago

This is for the people that were to lazy to read

Braid2258d ago

What do you mean can you run it? You'd be better off throwing your computer out of your window if it can't run this game as it'd be a waste of space for you.

TheModernKamikaze2258d ago

That's why they have this website to check the system requirements for you without wasting time downloading the beta only to find out you can't.

StayStatic2258d ago

Laptop = No
My PC = No Problem :)

llMurcielagoll2256d ago

I completely agree with you! I have already tried!


My Desktop PC = No problem!

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