Resident Evil 6 Dev: ‘We're moving away from action’

Resident Evil 6 director Yoshiaki Hirabayashi has told 360 Magazine that his game’s control system has changed greatly since Resident Evil 5′s action-heavy bombast.

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Dailynch2265d ago

They'd better better not be moving away from action. Resi 5 was so close to getting it right I thought they'd really be able to nail it with the sixth game.

Gamer30002265d ago

lol no
i think every RE fan want something like RE1/2/3

we don't need RE to be action
we want a scary game like the ps1 games

Lucretia2265d ago

bad controls, bad camera angles, horrible aiming, useless weapons, stupid AI, pre rendered back grounds with camera's that you cant control? The fear of dying because you know the controls were so bad you couldnt survive an encounter with a 1 mph zombie because u just might run into them by accident???? That and the atmosphere are the ONLY reason it was scary

anyone play lost in nightmares in RE5? that got the horror and puzzle aspect perfect and the gameplay was still good. If capcom can make the gameplay better and keep the atmosphere of the old games thats fine, but to say u want worse controls is silly

LOGICWINS2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Id want a mix of both. I want RE6 to be scary, but I still want my character to be able to roundhouse kick or superman punch a stunned zombie. The reason that the PS1 RE's put me off was because the camera angles/bad controls worked AGAINST you and have an advantage to slow moving zombies.

I can't tell u how many times I've been killed by zombified dogs/likers simply because the camera angles made it hard for me to line up my shots.

All Capcom needs to do is have a "Purist Mode" with limited ammo, limited saves, limited herbs/first aid sprays etc. This way everyones happy.

Lucretia2265d ago

exactly logic wins

the old Re games were just puzzle games with a survival horror theme, the mechanics werent even thought our right.

being trapped at a dead end while nemisis is shooting missles at you is just bad. just need a perfect balance between Re5 and the classics.

honestly i still loved RE5. me and my fiance beat it 5 times, I mean i loved the old RE games back then too.....but i played code veronica after beating 5........,man that was bad lol

pwnmaster30002265d ago

your not serious right?
Of course he doesnt want it to go that back, with wierd camera and controls.
He probably meant the atmosphere.
Resident evil 5 was not scary at all and they held guns.
One more thing. Bring back the zombies

sikbeta2264d ago


RE5 was sh*t! not a bad game but sh*t compared to RE4 and the other games, RE5 was all about action, so if you like that, they sure got it right


I don't believe it, just with the last trailer you see Chris going all Rambo like RE5, Leon all like RE4 and the new dude doing a mix of action + platforming ala A.Creed or Uncharted, definitely it'll be varied, but they're not going to ditch action gameplay

DigitalAnalog2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

You do realize the game was INTENDED to be designed that way due to the limitations of the system back then. This is how designers create immersive and creative experience knowing what they can do with tools provided. Nowadays we get developers lacking creativity because they want that extra "oomph' on their system to do their work for them. Which results in people like you promoting uber generic titles this generation.

I'll take RE1/2/3 poor controls/camera/pre-rendered over the over-exaggerated RE5 gameplay and thrills ANY F*CKING TIME!

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Adexus2265d ago

Not sure if serious.jpeg

Nostalgia2265d ago

Are you serious?
Everyone's is constantly telling capcom to leave the action now that they are saying that they are leaving it, the first comment on one of the biggest gaming sites on the web is yours -_-
Imagine if capcom read that, facepalms would be everywhere.

cemelc2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Resident Evil 6 Dev: ‘We're moving away from action’

Lol a few month back they told that there is no money in horror. This is a damage control statement and a false one at that.

Every trailer is action oriented, theres 6 player coop and there is a cover system in place what a joke.

Youre not fooling anyone dev.

slayorofgods2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Try playing RE Operation raccoon city then making a comment calling for more action. Thankfully that game bombed hard.

RE is a survival horror game, that doesn't mean it needs to revert to a 1990's control scheme, it means it has to have that scare factor. We all know the 360 takes advantage of 360 movement, that is where the generation is at and that is what a horror game will look like now.

Personally, I am beyond tired of eastern publishers stereo typing the western market as, "all crazed for only fps or all action"... In the past, they only worried about their own market and westerners got a look at it and wanted a part of it, that is why they did so good in the past.. Not vise versa.

jetlian2264d ago

RE ORC hit 2 million so it didnt bomb. I haven't played it so dont ask about the game. Western gamers have wanted more action in games

name some good old school turn based rpgs that have sold compared to skyrim,ME, etc.

ATi_Elite2264d ago

Yeh I don't want Call of Resident: Evil Ops 2!!

I prefer the spooky, scary, puzzle filled Resident evils of the past. I want to survive the Horrors not just pump 100 rounds of lead into endless waves of Zombies. (we have COD DLC for that)

joab7772264d ago

it appears to be more action oriented. U can move and shoot, use cover, roll and shoot from the ground. Itll b better though. It can b horror without making the movement extremely slow and unrealistic. It wont seem right so many years later. Just have to focus on the environment, music and the situation players are put in.

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Blastoise2265d ago

I'll believe it when i see it...

dredgewalker2265d ago

I'm quite skeptical, based on the trailers RE6 is very action oriented. Seems like Capcom just can't stop lying this generation.

rdgneoz32265d ago

Bet they're doing that just like they're moving away from DLC - Disc Locked Content...

reznik_zerosum2264d ago

tank controls are not what makes game survival horror,lets hope for the best

spunnups2265d ago

Go back to Re's roots...

Horror, Atmosphere, Puzzle Solving...Then throw im some fast paced action and fantastic story telling along with some epic boss battled....Just
Combine RE1 with RE4 and Dead Space's Action...,Throw Out the Coop and Multi and Give us a real reason to play the campaign multiple
times and add some hidden unlockables and features...hell even give us multiple paths or
endings like Heavy Rain...what do you guys think?!

InTheLab2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I agree, but was it really puzzle solving in those old games. It was mostly "door locked....I need to find apt 1F key" or find the two cat's eye jewels, or some such. I think the Metroid style progression is what worked for those games and not so much puzzles. It forced you to discover new areas and fully explore old ones to access different parts of the map. The best part was finally getting into that room or area that's been locked all game. I loved the semi open world of the first few games, and that's where they went wrong with RE5 and even RE4.

Everything else you said was spot on, but since we're talking Capcom, you'll probably have to pay for unlockables and branching stories..and still get co-op and multi..

IIC0mPLeXII2265d ago

Yet they have done away with ink ribbons, limited ammo, puzzles, and limited lives. Yeah ill believe it when I play it.

1nsomniac2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

So which one is it? it wasnt even a month ago when they were quoted saying they were fading out the horror as it no longer sells games & that RE6 will have very little non action scares! Journalism is just complete bullshit these days no one tells the truth anymore!

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