Microsoft and Sony: Stop burying this year's best games

Xbox Live Arcade and the Sony Entertainment Network (formerly known as PSN) have provided by far the best games to arrive up until now in 2012, but they're getting pushed behind content we don't care about. This needs to stop.

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GraveLord2112d ago

It's still called PSN.

I don't even need to read the article anymore since you guys at CVG obviously know nothing about PSN.

rdgneoz32112d ago

Yep, they might change it in the future, but the PS3 XMB still says Playstation Network - PSN. The whole arguing over the name for part of the article distracts the reader from any sort of information it may have.

Baka-akaB2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

"Sony, meanwhile, waited for everybody to get used to the rather clumsy PSN acronym"

Uh ? maybe for retards it's hard to get then ...
You're going to argue that XBL are better letters ?

chukamachine2112d ago

This years best games,lol.

InTheLab2112d ago

This guy is predominantly talking about XBL but lumped PSN in there to be "fair"...and sprinkled in a little 2008 style XBL>PSN Nonsense. This sounds like the ravings of an Xbot if you ask me. Journey is front and center every time I'm on PSN...

And what's with the SEN nonsense? Anyone that's been on PSN within the last day/week/month knows it's still PSN. That's probably why this guy says Journey is buried.

joeorc2112d ago

how long has this guy been off of the playstation network?

its still called PSN!!

they did not change the [email protected] name, all they did was add PSN under the SEN network as a whole. PSN name is still going to be there.

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