The single format – the only way for video games to grow up?

David Jenkins - Metro Video Games Editor:

Jenova Chen, the lead designer for PlayStation download Journey, has been making headlines this week with his suggestion that ‘Sony has a more artistic and adult-focused taste’ for its games, and that ‘they care about how grown-ups feel toward their games’

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arbitor3652230d ago

you cant blame Chen. In terms of demographics, he is probably right.

ShaunCameron2230d ago

In a way, yes. But we all know that none of the 3 console-manufacturers would ever agree to it. Especially Nintendo.

<A case in point was this week’s review of Starhawk, a thoroughly unremarkable game that seems destined to be quickly forgotten. But because it’s a PlayStation 3 exclusive the comments section has been flooded with outraged fans convinced that Metro has a ‘bias’ against Sony and is waging some sort of Microsoft-funded war against them.

This happens every time there’s a negative review of a Sony game, and is only less prevalent amongst Xbox 360 owners because their console happens to be more financially successful. If the situation were reversed so would the identity of the most vocal complainers.>

PS3 owners been acting like this since 2007 when its games were routinely dismissed as average by the American media and XBox 360 owners. It's a psychological coping mechanism.

<It’s an almost frighteningly tribal spectacle that has poisoned gaming since its very inception. You can’t go into a shop and buy ‘a video games console’, you have to buy an Xbox or a PlayStation or a Wii.>

Not if you're a Wii owner. Many of them don't care about it at all. It's just an XBox 360/PlayStation 3 thing. I always saw the Wii owner as the most sensible of the 3.

Les-Grossman2229d ago

I am guessing Journey might not be selling good. If this guy is speaking out like this

Hicken2229d ago

... it really helps to know what you're talking about before you speak.

You, obviously, don't.

Google is your friend.