Datura Review: A beautiful, poisoned game | Gaming Examiner

Datura is a PS3 exclusive developed by Plastic Studios, built to harness the PS3 Move functionality in order to re-imagine the classic adventure point-and-click game. Though visually appealing, there are some parts of Datura that could have used some fine-tuning.

Datura flowers are actually Hallucinogenic and are extremely dangerous. They are found in the game and are a set piece that really ties into the atmosphere of the title. Where Datura excels is in setting, tone and scenery. The mysterious woods, that you find yourself lost in, are the stage in which a series of bizarre events come together to tell a ghastly story. The individual scenes are unique, whether you find a large pig in the middle of the street, or a frozen hand trapped under the ice, the scenes create rememberable instances that evoke a doomed sense of foreboding.

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