Reasons Why Final Fantasy XIV Will Go Free to Play

MMOSite lists their top 5 reasons why they believe Final Fantasy XIV will go Free to Play.

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NYC_Gamer2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Because SE launched a technical mess and missed out on all of that monthly profit.....Xiv won't be able to compete with these releases

Diablo 3

FF14 has been nothing but a disaster since 2010

Reibooi2175d ago

When are people going to understand that one MMO doesn't need to compete with another to be a success? FFXI wasn't competing with WoW but it had a steady player base and over time became one of the most profitable games SE had.

The audience for all MMO's are not the same so while there are a few who are bound to play GW2 or something not all of the players will. A good example of this is SWTOR. Everyone seemed to think that game would be the death of FFXIV and I saw nearly nobody leave the game to go to SWTOR. It's not the same audience.

This article was written as if it's still 2010. The majority of players are no longer angry with the state of the game. They are infact excited for the 2.0 relaunch. While it's certainly true that XIV was a total and utter disaster in 2010 the new Director and Producer Yoshida has turned it around in a MAJOR way it's so much improved as to almost be a entirely different game. The crafting system, combat system, and job systems are all completely different then they were when the game launched and all were changed for the better. I could go on with the way the game has improved but I'm probably talking to a wall here anyway.

Bottom line FFXI would be going F2P LONG before XIV will be and XI is showing no signs of that happening anytime soon.

Swiftcricket2175d ago

Rei pretty much summed it all up nicely. People not playing the game right now or at least not keeping constant track of it don't usually realize just how much the game has changed and is still changing for the better. I played it for a while last year and enjoyed it but ended up deciding to wait till 2.0. But I caved in and came back a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since before all of the huge changes slated for 2.0 have even come. This game can turn around if people just give it another chance come October-November when the beta starts.

Drabent2175d ago

FFXI needs to go f2p...its dead as hell and at its limit, what they gonna do increase lv cap to 105 lol. I've been playing since it launched btw and still dreaming for FFXIV PS3 but don't think its gonna happen althrough SE said, "Will launch no matter what".

Drabent2175d ago

Nothing can compete with GW2.....poor Tera~

GamingPerson2175d ago

"Free" is way to expensive for FF14 online.

NYC_Gamer2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

APB was the 100 million dollar failure and now its F2P.....SE needs to just head down that road and try some micro system....EA better watch out since TOR is on the decline and price cuts every weekend.....SE should be a shamed of themselves for even releasing that technical piece of garbage called FF14.....

You're right F2P might not even save FF14

Myst2175d ago

I could see it going restricted f2p for a bit at least after seeing how it goes with the PS3 launch. Though as it stands since they are fixing it up quite nicely especially on the heels of 2.0 only time will tell.

Godmars2902175d ago

Have to wonder what that's going to do to their stock price, after they're forced to eat the loss they already have.

Chrono2175d ago

I'd certainly play it if it adopts a permanent free-to-play model.

Wintersun6162175d ago

Because nobody wants to pay for a PoS like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.