Square-Enix PlayStation 2 Classics Coming to the PlayStation Network

Ben from Square-Enix:

With technology and gaming evolving at an ever increasing rate, it's nice to sit back and take the time to enjoy the classics. With that in mind we're continuing our mission to bring some of the Square Enix (and Eidos Interactive) classics to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The process is not easy and can sometimes take an extremely long time, but we're getting there and it's totally worth it. We hope this gives you the opportunity to rekindle your youth, and for the youngsters amonst you, a chance to see where it all began.

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majiebeast2078d ago

I wish it included KH cause i lost my copy:(

SuMtOnE2078d ago

hopefully not. wish they would remake it HD for KH =)

cpayne932078d ago

Never played KH so I would love an hd collection.

Army_of_Darkness2078d ago

Dammit! I was expecting a bunch of RPG's!!! RPG's!!

Gamer19822078d ago

You noticed these are not the huge hits which had multiple sequels on ps2? That's because they will be released on PS3 in HD. We already know about FFX and FFx-2 HD coming to PS3 no doubt KH is in the works too.

b163o12078d ago

All I'm looking for is "The Warriors". R* is slipping on this one IMO, the game was ridiculously fun and worth a 2nd, 3rd or 4th play thru....

"Coffeeeeeee" -RS

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Bleucrunch2078d ago


supremacy2078d ago

I wonder what games theyll be bringing over...

-MD-2078d ago

Try reading the article.

Crystallis2078d ago

FFXII, And make it HD please.

ecstaticpunk2078d ago

I was expecting FFXII never got round to playing it last gen a HD remaster would be awesome.

zeddy2078d ago

ff12 was the start of the end. complicated story, lack of interest in characters, side quests required a lot of work(finding items etc.) and boss fights could last ages.

George Sears2078d ago

I can sadly say, it was the only FF I've started and never got to finish. Horrible story, dull and uninteresting characters, bland and simplistic combat system; it was a failure in almost every front.

As an RPG, you can label it as mediocre, but as an FF, it was a failure.

Mohawk-V852078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

I disagree. Loads of boss fights, items and side quest. That is what I look for in RPGs. Im surprised that is a negative. Come on! Balthier!? coolest character. Zeddy, I honestly think you were not interested in RPGs when u started FF12. It is exactly like ur saying loads of variety, and that is a bad thing.

For George, really? horrible story? To me the worst thus far is FF13X2. Can someone shut Serah's mouth. The only words that come out of her mouth are lightning and snow. Really boring battle system, U dont really need to select ur move. Just keep on switching paradigm. Boss gonna land a strong attack? Sentinel. Boss having ridiculously strong armor? Saboteur. Auto battle does the rest. Stagger them then spam!

Wintersun6162078d ago

FF12 combat system was awesome. You clearly didn't get deep enough inside it to realize how great it was. To make it short and sweer, the goodness in that system was that you could make anyone be whatever you wanted. Something that's not possible in FF13 or 13-2, because even with Crystarium, they all have pre-defined preferred roles, and not using them as priority puts you in a disadvantage.

Also the story was great IMO. Not the best story out there but you guys are just hating on it, which seems to be quite popular especially after the true downfall of FF which was FF13, because most people suddenly love to hate anything affiliated with SE.

tommygunzII2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

I couldn't agree more. FFXII was a step in the right direction. I have put more hours in FFXII than any other single player FF game. I love it.

But because it wasn't FFVII or FFX it pretty much failed and sent the FF series into an identity crisis. :(

And where is did Conflict: Global Terror?

NeXXXuS2077d ago

@wolfy - i don't want my old games to be ruined by making them have "replay" value. I replay my old games because i love them, not because i want to get an accomplishment on the internet.

Dno2077d ago

trophies ruined your games???


Drazz2078d ago

U don't need trophies to tell you you're satisfied..

WitWolfy2078d ago

But it gives the game replay value, to see if you can complete the challenges the developers set out for you the gamer. I dont know why so many games always hate on others who would love this feature in their games?

Dno2077d ago

i Dont need any of you to tell me what I need to be satisfied.

No trophies no HD remake, no sale.

Facepalm that bitches

GraveLord2078d ago

and Xbox live? UGH.

Hopefully Sony secures exclusive releases on PSN.

cpayne932078d ago

Why would that matter if the games were on both the ps2 and xbox?

CGI-Quality2078d ago

How many SE games were on both the PS2 and Xbox though? It would make sense for last gen games to be PSN exclusive.

OT: I have to wonder what titles they're talking about.

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