Success: Starlight Inception has reached its Kickstarter goal of $150K

DSOGaming writes: "Man, now that was a close call. Starlight Inception’s Kickstarter campaign ended and Escape Hatch Entertainment has managed to hit their goal at the last minute. This game would be funded if the campaign reached $150K pledged USD and they have successfully managed to gather $158K USD."

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NYC_Gamer2207d ago

Hope the game turns out good for all us PC&Vita owners

Lavalamp2207d ago

It was pretty crazy watching that Kickstarter page in its final moments. It was pulling like 1k every ten minutes. They managed to fund the goal with, like, fifteen minutes to spare, but when people realized they had made it, they started lowering their pledges, so everyone started to freak out. I mean, we're talkin' "stay on target" Star Wars references type of freaking out. Then someone pledged 5K and everyone thought the person was gonna troll and pull out in the last second, but they didn't and everyone was happy.

john22207d ago

Yeah it was a close call. Thankfully, everything worked out

PiccoloGR2207d ago

great. The game is also coming to Vita so it will be interesting to see how that version looks like