Angry Birds Breaks the One Billion Download Mark

The Angry Birds franchise has only been around since December 2009. Yet, today, Finnish developer Rovio announced that its hit mobile game has been downloaded more than one billion times.

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TheModernKamikaze1780d ago

Congratulations to Rovio but I hope they don't milk the merchandise too much.

Baka-akaB1780d ago

after seasons , rio , space and ports in less than 2 years , no way they would

Lucreto1780d ago

Wow 1 billion downloads.

I never even played it.

Perjoss1780d ago

You're not missing much tbh.

GraveLord1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

No one cares.
How many of those are free downloads?

Yes, because this number is extremely misleading. Give people the number of paid downloads and it'll be much lower. Otherwise, I would never be caught commenting in an Angry Birds article.

neutralgamer191780d ago

Seriously thats what i was thinking. Ive never bought a Angry Bird game nor will i, but the ones i have were free downloads. Im sure at least 30% of those dl's were free ones.

neutralgamer191780d ago

Also no hate but how many of those billion you think are ppl dl multiple free versions for their pc, iphone, android and kindle? I bet alot.

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