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What can we expect from Elder Scrolls Online?

MasonicGamer.com: The upcoming Elder Scrolls MMORPG is in development since 2007 by ZeniMax Online and published by Bethesda Online. It is running on the HeroEngine, which is also used for the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic. It will share a similar art style of Rift Online and will feature new zones and other changes to the MMORPG progression that we are used of. A lot of it stays true to the way some MMORPG’s are still played. There are still parts about the Elder Scrolls Online that might set it apart.

The game is set a 1000 year before the conclusion of Skyrim. The current rulers of the world are Daedric Princes and King of Worms. At the start of the game you fight a Daedric Prince, who has captured your soul and this will be the reason for your character to respawn after death. (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls Online, Xbox 360)

Enmson  +   1109d ago
I expect dragons lol
guitarded77  +   1109d ago
I expect a monthly fee.
Zha1tan  +   1109d ago
I expect untold numbers of glitches
Mkai28  +   1109d ago
I expect cheating and hackers.
MilkMan  +   1109d ago
crookedwarden  +   1109d ago
Fragger2k8  +   1109d ago
Another dull WoW clone that claims it's something new and different.

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