Soul Sacrifice Screens and Art has lots and lots of screens and artwork for Soul Sacrifice, which was revealed in this week's issue of Weekly Famitsu to be Keiji Inafune's new PlayStation Vita game.

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jujubee882082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

But, (more importantly) I look forward to seeing the stories behind how those people came to be that way.

F.Y.I. All the enemies in SS are basically tortured human beings that where once like you (the main hero) but, went over the top and their monstrous side over came them.

Godchild10202082d ago

This game looks amazing. I hope this comes to the states and has a release date for this year along with Japan.

cpayne932082d ago

I think I will cry if it doesn't come to the states. I'm REALLY interested in this game.

NewMonday2082d ago

looks like it has 4 player co-op

j-blaze2082d ago

when you hear the words creative and original...first thing comes to mind...Japan! god i wish this game was for HD consoles :(

DigitalAnalog2081d ago

As opposed to being selective due to platform differences.

supremacy2082d ago

Glad the vita is getting something to call its own, other than gravity rush which rules.

Keep em coming Sony, both established and original ips. Thats(no pun intended) the difference between Sony and Nintendo. Seriously.

Sithlord-Gamble2082d ago

Those screen shots of the gameplay looks pretty intense & interesting.

Hopefully it comes to NA. If this winter is the japan release, then we might not see this until 2013 ... lets hope not!

The vita needs more original games like this.

I do wish it was a new souls game tho.

Regent_of_the_Mask2082d ago

Too bad it's only on Vita. Looks like this will be getting ignored like all of the other Vita games.

CaptCalvin2082d ago

By you. Who few of us care about.

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