The Elder Scrolls Online: Get Ready for a Massively Multiplayer Arrow to the Knee

Matt Randisi writes, "Over the last decade, The Elder Scrolls franchise has offered gamers engrossing and highly rewarding RPG experiences. The initial appeal of the massive role-playing series was obvious – take the scale and depth of an immersive MMORPG and cram into a single-player box with a pretty little red ribbon on top. It wasn't long after The Elder Scrolls gained popularity though, that whispers began escaping from the curious yet cautious breaths of gamers everywhere about how well Bethesda’s colossus of a role-playing franchise would make its theoretical transition into a full-fledged online experience. But after the series fourth major release, Oblivion, one thing was certain: The Elder Scrolls Online could no longer be denied. So thanks to Zenimax Online Studios, as confirmed by the official announcement trailer and the cover of the June 2012 issue of Game Informer, it is at long last going to happen."

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