We've Come A Long Way Since Superman 64: Entering the Golden Age of Licensed Games

Reuben Levine writes, "It’s interesting to think that less than a decade ago, the announcement of a licensed game would have induced groans, perhaps even the overwhelming urge to shield your eyes from the horror. While the library of the licensed game has seen success with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (those arcade games really were something), and the PSone classic Spider-Man, it wasn't until Batman: Arkham Asylum came along that elevated the genre to almost unreachable heights, proving the obvious: if dedication and care goes into developing a game around a licensed IP (and not purely for a shameless cash-grab), it can exceed our wildest expectations. Perhaps it’s unfortunate that something like this was actually a revelation to many, but there you have it. A game based on a licensed IP now has more than its fair shot at glory, when before it could have simply ended up in a landfill with rest of society's garbage."

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