Resident Evil 6: A New Strain of Survival Horror

Alex Hilhorst writes, "With its upcoming Resident Evil 6, Capcom seems to have finally found its comfort zone. Footage from a pair of trailers imply that the game will be just as action-oriented as the previous two games, if not more so, but it will also feature a distinctly dark and gritty style reminiscent of earlier titles. If all goes well, RE6 will seamlessly blend the old and new flavors of its franchise."

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shodan742261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

When you say "a new strain of survival-horror", do you mean a style of gameplay that isn't, in fact, actually survival-horror?

Wintersun6162259d ago

Fast-paced action takes the horror away from horror.

GammaSix2259d ago

I dont understand why people keep crying about survival horror, im just hope the game is good unlike number 5.

People need to understand they cant do what RE used to be because of technical issues.

Imagine if RE6 had slow zombies all the time and you could still move and shoot, what would be the point? Itd be way too easy.

rdgneoz32259d ago

Imagine if some zombies in RE6 could use machine guns on you, oh the horror in that... Oh wait, that's in the game already...


Also, as the article states, the first Dead Space was done pretty damn well, and you could shoot while moving.

VsAssassin2259d ago

I've been an RE fan since RE1 on the original PSX, yet I can't find myself wanting this game. RE5 must've really tarnished the franchise for me. Sigh...