Media Create software sales (4/30 – 5/6)

Media Create has released a listing of the best-selling games from Japan.

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Titanz2233d ago

I could only imagine how big of an impact an online mode would have on the series.

AWBrawler2233d ago

whoa wait it has online?? I been waiting for an online one before i but another mario party

Titanz2233d ago

I was implying that if it did have online (Mario Party 9), then it'd probably sell a lot.

My apologies for the confusion.

Hicken2233d ago

Looking at the increases on some of these games- Super Mario Land 3D, for example- I get the impression there might have been some sort of promotion going on. Three 3DS games saw growth of more than 60%, and none of them are very new(Kid Icarus is the newest, I think).

SpoonyRedMage2233d ago

It was Golden Week in Japan, which AFAIK means everyone gets a week off and thus consumer product sales get a boost.

Kinda disconcerting that Vita managed to drop on GW though.