The David Braben Interview: The Outsider

The traditional way to handle open world games is, here's the world, and here are specific missions within that world -- is this the same thing?

DB: The way The Outsider works, it's the choice of what to respond to, who to go to, who to listen to, who to work with, that tends to determine the flow. For example, if the Chinese agent comes up to you and says, "Hey, I can help you," you go, "Cool!" and he may actually give you some guys to help you go in and sort the problem out. And then you realize, 'Wait, what exactly are we doing here?' when they start breaking into the safe and nicking stuff!

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Legion3989d ago

Looks like an interesting game. Hadn't heard of it before. I do have my worries when he hints that Wallace and Gromit was somewhat of a non-linear world. I hated what they did with that game.

But if it pans out... then this game could be interesting. Looking to see more info on this game as it gets closer to product finish.

sak5003989d ago

The guy was a genius back in mid 80s with games like ELITE etc. Can't wait to see what he can cook up now.