New event mode revealed for Dragon's Dogma

Capcom has revealed a new event mode for its upcoming RPG Dragon's Dogma.

Legend tells of an immensely powerful dragon that appears in the Everfall beneath Gran Soren. Known as the Ur-Dragon, this is the challenge that awaits Dragon's Dogma owners.

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joab7772177d ago

This game is getting cooler and cooler though i am a bit confused. If its a single player game using other ppls pawns.Can u simply use ur own pawns, play online, & reload until u deliver the final blow. Or is online like an mmo? Is this a reward that someone elses pawn may bring home to them?

ALICE6662177d ago

so is this finally the Co-op mode that lets you play with others online?

ALICE6662177d ago

sounds to me from the article that it lets you play with other people for this mode.. not sure. Would be happy to play with anyone co-op in this game though.

SactoGamer2177d ago

I'm under the impression that it's only for the Ur-Dragon mode.

hazelamy2177d ago

let me guess it's on the disc, to save hard drive space of course, and you can play it for a small, large, extra fee.

Zichu2177d ago

I think it's just a leaderboard kind of mode. I don't think you will be going online and fighting the Ur-Dragon with multiple people from around the world.

I think it's like the Ceadeus from Monster Hunter, it takes a certain amount of times to weaken it to kill him (unless you have some bad ass weapons that take it out pretty quickly).

With this mode though, I think you might join a party, but you won't all be in the same world as each other, but will fighting the Ur-Dragon at the same time. So his health is synced to the whole party. The party that deals the final attack or maybe the most damage gets the best reward or something.