Japan 2007: Nintendo Dominates Top 10 Software Sales

January 11 - Nintendo claims eight of the top ten selling games of 2007 in Japan, looking at the latest figures from Enterbrain, publisher of the Famitsu magazine.

Only Capcom's PSP title Monster Hunter Portable 2 and Square Enix's Dragon Quest IV manage to break Nintendo's hold on the top ten.

The list of Japan's Top 10 software of 2007, with their units sold, is posted at MCV.

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Pandaren003989d ago

This year will change this nintendo domination in japan. MGS4 is automatically guaranteed to sell a bunch in Japan and GT5 will also be godly.

TheExodus3988d ago

I'd agree with you if Nintendo held the Top 10, but they only hold the Top 8 & the way things are going with Wii Fit they could easily take the Top 9 in 2008. Not sure why you bothered to mention MGS4 & GT5 because if you look at the games Japanese gamers are buying you'd realize these 2 titles will be lucky to break the Top 30.

wiizy3988d ago

sony fanboys pin their hopes on any silly thoughts.. gt5 is already out in japan and is a flop..just check the charts and mgs4 will not save you either.. cause it will have to compete with top titles from nintendo, square and capcom on the wii.. so get real

v1c1ous3988d ago

im going to see how long dmc4 ps3 stays on the charts to gauge what kinda of impact sony can make against the nintendo behemoth.

sony has a lot of big hitters 2008, but it wont mean jack if they have 1 game in the charts and 40 nintendo ones nipping at its heels every week.


green3988d ago

when is DMC4 coming out?

KingKirchner3988d ago

that's pretty depressing. I own both a Wii and a DS, but most of those Nintendo titles don't deserve to be in the top ten by a long shot. That doesn't mean there aren't other Nintendo titles that do. like Metroid Prime 3, Galaxy, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, etc. but WII PLAY!? That game is horrible. I hope Japaneese gamers start buying actual games again.

Allthough some of the games on that list are good. Monster Hunter Portable 2, Dragon Quest IV, Pokemon D/P, and New Super Mario Bros are all pretty good games.

LanRanger3988d ago

Wii Play is a bestseller because it's a cheap way to pick up an extra controller and game, particularly in regions that don't pack in Wii Sports. I don't really think it's fair to classify it as software, because 80% of its value is in the remote.

That being said I easily got $10 enjoyment out of the game. People's expectations are way too high. I mean, come on, it's $1.11 a game. What do you expect?

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The story is too old to be commented.