[GAMINGtruth] Sign Here on the Xbox: Is this the Start of a Subscription War?

Greg Bargas of explores the how the new Xbox 360 subscription deal may spark other companies to follow along.

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PirateThom2116d ago

I hope not, because it's a bloody stupid idea. Only the same company that charges you to use your own internet could introduce a subscription for a console.

kreate2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Imagine if the next gen starts out at 600 again, but this time they let u pay 99 upfront than pay the rest over the next 2 years.

Fine print:
must enroll in a data plan
Data plan caps out at 2gb
Over 2 gb u will be charged
U get 1000 messaging free
100 hours of party chat capability
digital content may expire after purchase
1 controller per customer, extra customers require to buy their own controller
extra charges may apply
see store for details
subject to microsoft's approval

LaWiiG2115d ago

I feel like just by you saying that--it's going to put thoughts into someones head XD

Tapioca Cold2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Wow! Thanks for that. Bubble!

Xbox Fail!

No thanks.

LouisGarcia2115d ago

I'm not so sure about this idea.