Let's discuss Final Fantasy VII's Gold Saucer

BT writes: If I asked you to name some of the most memorable locations from Final Fantasy VII, what would you tell me? I’d assume a lot of you would name Midgar right off the bat, as this is the starting location for the game and a town in which you spend a good chunk of the game in. A few would also probably say Nibelheim, Cosmo Canyon, and maybe even Junon Harbor. However, I think it’s undeniable to say everyone would mention the Gold Saucer.

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Wintersun6162262d ago

Honey Bee Inn. Now that was weird.

DudeJets2262d ago

Weird was is an understatement that part confused my young innocent self

NukaCola2262d ago

A lot of talk about FF VII recently. I wonder if E3 will bring some interesting news.

FinaLXiii2261d ago

I remember spending whole afternoons in Gold Saucer doing various mini-games to top my score and get prizes so much fun!

Pozzle2261d ago

This is the sort of thing FFXIII was missing imo. Yeah, yeah, it had the theme park...but it wasn't as fun and interactive as the Gold Saucer was. The game needed more fun and humor imo.