Focus on Korea: Microsoft's Lim Talks Setting up Shop

January 11, 2008 - Gamasutra speaks to Dae Hwan Lim, marketing coordinator in the Entertainment & Device Division at Microsoft Korea about the company's foray into the South Korean market colonized by Sony a year ahead of them, from supporting a new development community to the possibility of building internal studios there.

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ktchong3993d ago


And that is exactly why Microsoft *will* lose the South Korean games market to Sony.

socomnick3993d ago

If Microsoft is smart they could use the whole Korean and Japanese mutual hatred to their advantage.

v1c1ous3993d ago

but i thought the 360 was beating ps3 in south korea....

Darkiewonder3992d ago

still heavily PC gamers there. i'm going to be they are waiting for SC2!

On topic. 10 people? Must be 10 AWESOME people, how big is Sony Computer Entertainment of Korea? [Actually, size doesn't matter]

Microsoft must not really have faith in the asian market. I'm going to assume they are just going to be handing out 360s and doing little marketing. Start small and work their way up?

Bladestar3992d ago

"Microsoft must not really have faith in the asian market." you can't fight all fronts at once.... Microsoft goals this generations was to win the american market and maybe some of europe and they are doing just that... you can't expect them to just spend billions with out having other regions to back them up in terms of cost... Microsoft will be on a better position the next xbox to do just that... it would be stupid on their part to understimate and expect to take the playstation brand right away... we are talking about more than a decade of branding on the playstation's part...
So, it's not about faith is about making business sense... Japan is prove of that... many believe microsoft should quit... well.. instead of quiting.. they are maintaining a presense which overtime if they dominate of larger regions like europe and the US it will force adoption in those regions they arent not doing good...

kurochi3992d ago

"Microsoft goals this generations was to win the american market and maybe some of europe and they are doing just that..."

In which parallel universe do you live in that you can foresee the outcome for this version of the console war? Last time I check, Nintendo is winning in ALL of the markets..... Sony is doing fantastically well considering all the negative press it's been getting within their launch year. Not to mention that Sony is on par in moving it's units when it's compared to Xbox's first year?
I agree that MS should keep a presence in these markets to promote competition. Hell, it is giving Sony a run for it's money in the US market. But 10 people in a whole country....??? MS needs to fire their CEO that's overseeing the Asian market in marketing and promoting their console....

kingnick3992d ago

I don't think MS want to paint themselves as racist scum, they don't need another reason for people to hate them.

Console what? PC FTW in Korea.

ichimaru3992d ago

microsoft should quickly make freinds with thier new buddies from the easty, japan isn't the only asian country in the gaming market.