Lets Play Spec Ops: The Line Demo

With so many third person shooters out there ( uncharted , Gears) and more coming out ( Max Payne , Ghost Recon). Spec -ops the line can easily fall under the radar. I recorded my play through of Spec =ops for 2 reasons. First, to put the on a game that I have been following since last years E3. Second, to bring awareness to the game play mechanics that help to set this game apart for the rest of the crowd.

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TheSuperior 2261d ago

I havent tried the demo but i did start the download. Im excited to try this one out. The only thing is i hope its not all focused online because im not sure how large of a population wil stick with the game. I think the story does sound interesting :)

AgentSmith2261d ago

The environments also play a huge role, they are definitely a main character! There where times where I couldn't see a enemy coming in from the roof!

AusRogo2261d ago

Actually really enjoyed it, and the enemies arent bullet sponges! Really considering getting it, after playing the demo I wanted to know what happens next , definatly an interesting story. Not too sure about the multiplayer though, cant see that having a large community.

bub162261d ago

this game is amazing! cant wait for the full game

krisq2261d ago

Really surprised me. I hope there'll be coop.