Pre-order bonuses revealed for The Amazing Spider-Man

GameStop and Amazon will be carrying exclusive (and surprisingly interesting) DLC.

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LOGICWINS2175d ago

THIS is how you do DLC. Nothing here seems like it was cut out of the main game.

JohnApocalypse2175d ago

I don't like store exclusive pre-order bonuses. If you got them both by pre-ordering the game anywhere then I'd be fine with that

Jatt_RM82175d ago

I agree, but I think what logicwins is saying is that it's better that this is "extra content" rather than what the likes of Capcom are doing by "locking" on disc content. That's what DLC should be - downloadable content. Not paying for what you already have on your disc over again.

LOGICWINS2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

I think store exclusive bonuses just offer early access to stuff that you can unlock later in the game. I remember preordering Infamous 2. Amazon, Best Buy, and Gamestop each had "exclusive" powers that you could ONLY get by preordering. Lo and behold, these "exclusive" powers were unlockable later on in the game.

@Jatt- Exactly...besides, even if this stuff doesn't end up being unlockable at the end if the game, I don't care. Rhinos an idiot, so I don't want to play as him regardless lol. As far as Stan Lee's concerned, I'm willing to bet that he'll be playable in the game regardless of where u pre-ordered.

Sniperwithacause2175d ago

those graphics look ''amazing'' for a Spiderman game.

were those in-game or cutscene graphics ??

Jatt_RM82175d ago

They are in-game from the main story.